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Recently in the forest of Salem, bystander Reverend Parris spotted young girls performing some sort of ritualistic dance. When Abigail Williams, dance participant, was questioned regarding the nature of the dance, she stated, ?It was only common dancing, nothing more.? However, upon further examination, Reverend Parris admitted seeing a live creature inside the large kettle the gi ...view middle of the document...

These arrests were based on no proof other than mere accusations. One such accused, Elizabeth Proctor, awaits possible hanging if convicted. When asked how she ended up in this situation, Mrs. Proctor said, ?Abigail Williams accused me of witchcraft by the use of dolls.? This reporter then asked Mrs. Proctor why Ms. Williams would make such claims. She had only this to say, ?Abigail wants me out of the way so she can replace me as wife of John Proctor.? When Mr. Proctor was asked for comment regarding a possible love affair with Abigail Williams, he refused to admit an intimate relationship. However, he did state, ?My wife is a good Christian woman, and I am a good Christian man. I love my wife. I regret all that has happened.? Mr. Proctor leaves us to wonder just what the source of his regret is. Could it be his wife?s imprisonment or his affair with Abigail Williams? Stay tuned. We?ll keep you informed of any future developments.


Discrimination and The Salem Witch Trials

419 words - 2 pages What was the Salem Witch Trials? The Salem Witch Trials was a peroid of time in which many women and men were being accused of witchcraft. The victims of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 were tormented (and most were put to death) by being burned at the stake, hung, etc. for being accused of witchcraft, and being found guilty by a jury and/or a judge. The aftermath resualted in crop failure, depression and a new nickname for the town.Where and

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553 words - 3 pages What Caused the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria of 1692? It was a perfect storm. The fatal winds that struck Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 that caused the deaths of 20 people between June 10 and September 22 was hangings of 19 people and the pressing to death with stones of one person, all who were believed to be practicing witchcraft. This was because of an underlying faith in the Bible, Devil and witches. In 17th century New England, witchcraft

"Salem Witch Trials"; Salem's Hysteria Revealed

1333 words - 6 pages . The Salem Village was smaller than the Salem Town, which was approximately eight miles away. Salem Town was mainly used as a large port, and was a very prosperous fishing community (Kallen 14).In Salem, the Puritan religion dominated. In order to worship God freely, the Puritans came to America. "They encouraged direct personal religious experience, strict moral conduct and simple worship services."(Kallen 17). However, the Puritans did not

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2390 words - 10 pages 23, 1692, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Rebecca Nurse, wife of Francis Nurse, for the charges of “vehement Suspition, of haveing Committed Sundry acts of Witchcraft"((Warrant v. Rebecca Nurse) [23 March 1692) The warrant came as a shock to both communities of Salem Village and Salem Town, as the devoutly puritan, elderly seventy-one-year-old woman was the last person most citizens believed could be a witch. At this point in her life

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939 words - 4 pages others. This conflict is evident with John Proctor, whose good name was sullied with false claims of witchcraft, after his refusal to unfaithfully accuse other innocent people. As-well as with Reverend Parris, whose “godly” characterization provides shelter from the criticism and condemnation placed on the others in Salem, or even Abigail, whose young age and seemingly innocent actions allow for her lies to be spread for twisted personal gain

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636 words - 3 pages when she decided to say “I saw Sarah Good … Goody Osburn .. Bridget Bishop with the devil” and condemn innocent people (Miller 189). Salem was a town where everyone knew everything about everybody and to be accused of witchcraft would ruin the person’s life. After the start of the trials started Hale and Proctor had a conversation where the topic of confession. Hale said that multiple people had confessed to being witches. In response John Proctor

Characters Of The Crucible

834 words - 4 pages the Salem witch trials. Reverend John Hale, from Andover, has the most drastic change occur to him. He came into Salem seeking witches; he came out fighting for them. It is apparent that the characters change radically from the beginning of the play to the end.First of all, Elizabeth Proctor undergoes a substantial change. In the beginning, Elizabeth was a cold hearted woman; she never forgives her husband John for having an affair with Abigail

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1801 words - 8 pages punishable by death”. The Salem witch trials in Massachusetts were partially connected to King James’ fear of witches(Griffith and Bhandarkar, Diffusion of Witchcraft). Not so long ago, a panic swept Europe: Christians were convinced that vile witches were among them, which compelled them to sentence people to death on little more than suspicion. The nature-revering religion of witchcraft was twisted into demonic worship, and its followers were

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838 words - 4 pages always shriveled in her hands (Miller 50). Next was Mrs. Putnam’s husband, Thomas Putnam. In act three it becomes clear that Thomas Putnam was prompting his “daughter to cry witchery upon George Jacobs” (Miller 100). Thomas was a very greedy man who wanted all the land he could get in Salem. Putnam thought that if he could get his daughter to accuse George Jacob of witchcraft, he could take Jacob’s land once he was imprisoned. Reverend Parris is

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1206 words - 5 pages Free Proctor is an honest and respected man in the Puritan town of Salem. However, guilt over an affair he had with a certain Abigail Williams plagues him. When Abigail starts to cry “witch” on innocent Salemers, ultimately leading to their execution, Proctor hesitates to testify to her lies, fearing that his lechery will be exposed. When the truth comes out, he is not believed and it is he, not Abigail, that is jailed for perjury and witchcraft. His

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420 words - 2 pages character concerned with reputation was Giles Corey. He was killed in a gruesome way because he wanted to die a true Christian man. If he confessed to witchcraft he wouldn't be considered Christian anymore. He could have been hanged if he confessed but he was suffocated. This shows how far these people would go for their reputation. “More weight” (Miller) I find that Giles character stayed true throughout the play, and even when he died he went out in

The Crucible, By Arthur Miller

1685 words - 7 pages Free by Arthur Miller, a character named John Proctor is faced with a great moral dilemma. Should he put his reputation on the line to save his life, or tell the truth and die an honest man? John Proctor must decide between these two horrible fates, as a once sane Christian town falls down around him, and all faith in God is lost.The Crucible is set back in 1692, in Salem Massachusetts. As a strictly puritan society, the people of Salem had been held

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1363 words - 6 pages the play, the Reverend showed up in Salem with a large number of books. He appeared very knowledgeable and says that he will get to the bottom of the witch hunts. He relied very much on his books, they stated: “Have no fear now we shall find him out if he has come among us, and mean to crush him utterly if he has shown his face!” (Miller, act I) Hale's determination to rid the town of witchcraft was unstoppable. However, through the play, he

"The Crucible" By Arthur Miller: John Proctor Charachter Analysis: Outline

649 words - 3 pages Kaylin TingleAdvanced American StudiesMrs. Berry/ Mrs. Miller30th September 2003Character Analysis OutlineI. Introduction and ThesisA. The Crucible by Arthur MillerB. Brief synopsis of playC. Additional DataD. Thesis: John Proctor, a small farmer in Salem, stands up for what he believes in, while nearly everyone else in the village of Salem gives into the mass hysteria.II. Proctor stands up in Act IA. Hale comes to Parris's house to see BettyB

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512 words - 3 pages kind of pressure was put on her she began to sprawl.John proctor seemed to have the most pressure; he had showed the strongest amount of will power to preserve them. Right from when readers first meet proctor Miller shows him as the troublemaker or rebel of the play. John Proctor in the past has already committed adultery with Abigail, which is not acceptable in the Bible and in the town of Salem. When Proctor and Mrs. Proctor was in at the court