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An Abused Child Called "It" Essay

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Have you ever wondered why people abuse other people? What happens to them, and what is their new personality? A very interesting book, A Child Called "IT" answers those questions in an excellent way. It deals with a child badly beaten and starved by his unstable alcoholic mother. If you are interested in nonfiction books, that deal with sad but inspiring problems, then A Child Called "IT" is the book for you. In A Child Called "IT", David was the child that his mother made do all the ...view middle of the document...

David's mother treated David as a slave, not a son, and not a boy, but an "IT". When she gave him food, it wasn't a real meal; it was nothing more than spoiled scraps, which the dogs refused to eat. Everyone in the family was on mother's side, because if they weren't mother would treat them, just as she treats David. David, therefore had no one to turn to, but his dreams kept him alive. His dreams were that someone would take care of him, love him, and call him their son. This book made me realize how people in this world are beaten, starved, and mistreated. I realize that I don't even have it bad compared to others. I think if you read any of David Pelzer's books, you can realize how many millions of children are victimized by child abuse and neglect. This story will also help people understand that child abuse goes far beyond unnecessary spanking. If David didn't have the dreams he had, he may not have survived the abuse from his mother! Prevention is the only cure for child abuse. If people that read this book encourage others to read this book it will help build our growing movement of people working to prevent child abuse in all its forms.

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