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Students Responsibility Essay

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Before the students start attending college they have to understand that college isn't for everyone. In many major colleges the students could be droped out. One of the ways they could be droped out is if they happen to fail all too many courses in a semester.In the memoir called Unafraid of the Dark by Rosemary Bary. Rosemary who was attending Yale university and was very proud of it, had failed three out of four of the ...view middle of the document...

She should have been drop out, but she was saved by her dean who was very wise man and made a deal with 2 of her professors who failed her. He asked the professors to give her a passing grade if she turns in a 6 page report to both of them. She was very happy and excited about the secound chance the dean has give her.She had no excuse of failing the classes, because she had a lot of time, she wasn't bothered by anyone, and didn't have nothing else to do, except work as a part-time baby sitter. She couldn't have blame anyone, but herself, not even her professors.In her secound semester she became more focused, organized, and hard working , as a result she managed to raise her GPA very high and was heading on the right track.Rosemary is just one example of a student who realized how serious a university could be. I am sure that there are many university students who face the same kind of challenges. In the first week of the first semester the student have to realize that they have to be worried more about their academic problems and problems that they face in life. If they don't take their life seriously they wouldn't live a productive life

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