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Before the students start attending college they have to understand that college isn't for everyone. In many major colleges the students could be droped out. One of the ways they could be droped out is if they happen to fail all too many courses in a semester.In the memoir called Unafraid of the Dark by Rosemary Bary. Rosemary who was attending Yale university and was very proud of it, had failed three out of four of ...view middle of the document...

She should have been drop out, but she was saved by her dean who was very wise man and made a deal with 2 of her professors who failed her. He asked the professors to give her a passing grade if she turns in a 6 page report to both of them. She was very happy and excited about the secound chance the dean has give her.She had no excuse of failing the classes, because she had a lot of time, she wasn't bothered by anyone, and didn't have nothing else to do, except work as a part-time baby sitter. She couldn't have blame anyone, but herself, not even her professors.In her secound semester she became more focused, organized, and hard working , as a result she managed to raise her GPA very high and was heading on the right track.Rosemary is just one example of a student who realized how serious a university could be. I am sure that there are many university students who face the same kind of challenges. In the first week of the first semester the student have to realize that they have to be worried more about their academic problems and problems that they face in life. If they don't take their life seriously they wouldn't live a productive life


Whether high schools should establish, maintain, or remove a honor code system - English - Essay

1232 words - 5 pages responsibility to when asked to report cheating. The overall idea of an honor system is a great concept. According to source B, kids that work hard can report cheaters without having their name be brought up. But this program only works if students cooperate with the program. What students need to know is that their name will not be brought up because some students did not see it as their responsibility to confront or report a student. That is why

Students' Rights And Teachers' Responsibilities Scenario

974 words - 4 pages , drugs, even themselves, is a role that teachers play every day. Teachers are legally responsible for each student at all times including while they are out of the room and the room is unattended, while they are outside of the building, or on a field trip, while they are supervising physical education. Teachers are responsible for the safety of all students while under their care. A teacher's responsibility is to make sure to notify proper

Compare and contrast Essay on High School v. Community College

595 words - 3 pages hopes to better prepare them for their future. Whereas colleges allow students to be the sole reason for their success much like adulthood. Though High school is a fun experience to have, and may seem like the best moment of your life, College exceeds all expectations. As an undergraduate, you gain freedom, responsibility and habits that truly help to equip you for adulthood. This newly gained freedom surpasses all the fun and games one experiences in high school. Word Count: 575

Paper On Ideal School

649 words - 3 pages . Life skills are an important part of an ideal curriculum. Teaching students personal finance, parenting, relationships, values, morals, and personal responsibility gives students more choices. Without life skills in the curriculum, young people imitate what they see in their daily lives. This imitation leads them to make the same mistakes that have been made for generations. Abusive parents create abusive parents, poor children learn poverty

Compulsory or voluntary community service - SUSS - essay

723 words - 3 pages . This paper will discuss the implementation of compulsory community service for students in Singapore. I will then explain how, although community service programmes are essential in developing civic responsibility in adolescence by exposing them to volunteerism, making it compulsory as part of their curriculum will bring upon negative effects that will outweigh the benefits. The Community Involvement Programme was launched in 1997 which introduces

Assignment On Classroom Deportment

666 words - 3 pages the students. A teacher cannot teach without the attention of the class, therefore discipline is sometimes necessary to keep students in line. Some techniques used by teachers to discipline students are detentions, scoldings, and essays. The student also has a big responsibility in keeping the relationship in working order. The fundamentals of classroom deportment are paying attention to the teacher, participating in class, and remaining quiet

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1050 words - 5 pages develop their personal and professional skills to the best of their ability and ultimately enable them to understand how to take responsibility for their own development. This is carried out by planning and preparing course activities that take into account the needs and skill levels of the individual students and where applicable, groups of delegates with varying levels of experience and skills. I must also be aware of my boundaries and


2067 words - 9 pages Positive Effects in Problem-Based Learning Positive Effects in Problem-Based Learning Problem-Based Learning is "Student Centered". This style of learning places most of the responsibility on the students to learn and teach themselves. "Creating assignments and activities that require student input presumably also increases the likelihood of students being motivated to learn." (De Gallow, Grant 2000) With

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1730 words - 7 pages . Evidence-Based Remediation/Accommodation Practices There are different students in the classroom and each has their different needs. Some problems in the classroom cannot be remediated and do need accommodations. If intervention s are done early, it will help students to understand their needs and allows them to take responsibility for their learning. The suggested evidence-based practices to use for this group are Leveled Literacy Intervention

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944 words - 4 pages effect when applying for college. There is no denying the advantage she got with her service versus her equal academic counterpart that did not have any hours. Not only was she more academically coveted, but this helped her gain a sense of responsibility for her community and herself. Even Miriam Dodge states in her editorial that students,” who participate in community service tend to graduate at a higher rate”(S1 13-14). Students are

Definition Of An Ideal Teacher - Response To The Quote: "Teaching Is All About Remebering The Curricullum And Imparting Them To The Students Without Taking Interest In It"(From Fifth Business)

741 words - 3 pages intellectually as well as morally. Besides imparting the curriculum on the students, a teacher has the responsibility of shaping the youths of their class with the knowledge and social experiences they will need to improve their future, so it is very important for a teacher to go beyond the curriculum and impart true knowledge. How can you expect a senior year student to succeed in college if he/she hasn't got any preparation for the transition by the

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943 words - 4 pages underdevelopment and poor academic achievement.These problems were also affected by low levels of student energy and concentration as brought on by inadequate nutrition. The consumption of low-nutrient foods was found to directly correlate with an increase in student problems such as school absences and tardiness, aggression, anxiety, and low scores on tests . Reasarseach also stated that improving the condition of the students is a responsibility for those

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1720 words - 7 pages Disciplinary Literacy in Social Studies Kathleen Mastrianni Disciplinary Literacy in Social Studies EEDUC 6101: Content Literacy July 8, 2018 In the classroom, there can be two types of literacy: disciplinary literacy and content literacy. Disciplinary literacy is a way to look at a given text using a specific “lens”. The strategies within disciplinary literacy are content specific and require students to think like historians, scientist, and

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1084 words - 5 pages the student’s responsibility to get make-up work. This includes getting any notes, class work in the interactive notebook, or homework missed from me. Students need to check the Red Make-Up Work Folders at the classroom entrance for any handouts, worksheets, etc. There may be additional make-up items other than what is in the folder. Students need to ask me for that work. Any work not made up within the timeline of the assignment will result in

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1478 words - 6 pages parent sees that lack of progression, then they may lack confidence in their ability to learn and instead not having an interest to learn anymore. As a teacher, I want my students to enjoy learning and encourage them to take greater responsibility for their own learning.