CrunchBang, Elementary, and other Linux Complications

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 11, 2015

The top stories today are more thoughts on CrunchBang and Elementary OS' move to raise capital. My Linux Rig spoke to Matthew Miller from Fedora about his desktop and Adam Williamson announced Fedora 22 Anacoda/DNF testing day. Canonical pats itself on the back for a job well done in media production and John Goerzen hits the complexity nail on the head.

Elementary OS is in the news today for changing its download entry page to pressure folks to contribute. Apparently users are complaining because the project posted an extensive explanation today. Previously users had to click either a Donate or Download for Free button to advance to the download area, but now users will have to click a Custom button and input $0 to advance. Developers feel this will make users think about software development costs and perhaps encourage them to contribute something. Otherwise Elementary OS will "be underfunded or developers will have to resort to backdoor deals and advertising."

CrunchBang continues in the news today with Chris Hoffman's commentary saying that the loss of CrunchBang doesn't have to be a sad occasion, after all, it signals an improving Linux landscape. Ken Starks, however, was a little less philosophical. He figured "tens of thousands" users were left hanging by CrunchBang's demise and two other recent losses. He suggests all Linux users have a Plan B in case your favorite distro suddenly pulls up stakes and disappears.

John Goerzen recently asked if Linux is losing its way. He wonders like so many of us why everything has become so hands-off. These days Linux isn't "clean, logical, well put-together, and organized" anymore according to Goerzen. The old philosophies of Do one thing really well and everything is a file are no longer followed. He figures the biggest problem is developers rushing to add new and seemingly interesting features to their software without considering the unintended consequences.

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