Deep in-to Linux, Torvalds Tweets, and Top Distros

by Ostatic Staff - May. 30, 2014

Topping the Linux news this evening is a look at the five most popular Linux distributions by ZDNet's Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. Also tonight, Jennifer Cloer asks Linus Torvalds about the meanest tweets he's received. And finally tonight, Jack M. Germain looks at Deepin Linux and Jack Wallen asks if Cinnamon is a worthy replacement for Unity?

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols today reported that "there are over a billion Linux end-users in the world in 2014" and he decided to see which distributions are most in use. Since Windows still rules the desktop, Vaughan-Nichols asks which is number two? "Number two with a bullet is Linux-based Android" and probably Chrome OS is second. Buuut after that, he finds Mint, Ubuntu, and Debian are the top three favorite traditional-style Linux desktop distributions.

In our next story tonight, Linus Torvalds was asked "if he'd like to read a few tweets people have posted about him." And he did. These include:

* Linux Torvalds is angry.

* Torvald's crowning achievement Linux or Git? Debate.

* Apparently Linux exists because Linus wanted to play Prince of Persia on DOS

Jack Germain said yesterday, "I like the overall design and performance of Deepin Linux. New users without a long history in other Linux distros should take to it quickly and be very happy with the desktop environment. I experienced some issues with it, though, the longer I used it." He said it's a Chinese developed distribution based on Ubuntu and includes its own homegrown desktop environment. It also ships with its own software center and music and media players. Germain said the simple desktop design "looks elegant" but lacks a lot of the functionality most Linux users have come to enjoy. But he takes a critical look and has a lot more to day, so check out that full article at Bottom line, Germain says Deepin has potential.

And finally tonight, Jack Wallen says Mint is so popular because of Cinnamon and wonders if it might be the perfect replacement for Ubuntu's Unity. He answers this by installing it on Ubuntu 14.04 and finds it very agreeable. He concludes, "If you want a performance-centric desktop that doesn't toss aside feature and customization, Cinnamon is for you."

This week's leftovers:

* Linux Games to Use Wine, but That's a Good Thing

* Corporations put their cash where their open source security is

* Valve Steam Machines delayed until 2015

* Why the biggest problem with Steam Machines are the Steam Machines themselves

* Leadwerks partners with Ubuntu for Linux games development

* Why No Flash Support for Linux Is Good for Open Source