Fake DDs Steal Games, Linux on Laptop, and Candy Hearts

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 13, 2014

Today's news search has turned up some interesting developments. First up, Jo Shields has blogged that fake Debian developers are trying to scam keys out of the Steam for DDs program. Jamie Watson has experienced quite the challenge getting UEFI to work with Linux on a new fangled laptop. And finally, in honor of the approaching holiday, Libby Clark has asked commandline junkies "What would your candy heart say?"

Debian developer Jo Shields is overseeing the key assignment to the Valve Steam games and recently blogged that some bad folks were trying to scam the program out of keys to which they weren't entitled. Shields reports that he's given out 279 keys and denied 22. Of the 22, 10 were honest ineligibles, but some were registering for Debian contributor accounts just hours before requesting a game passkey. Some others were just sending their names in claiming to be developers but had no supporting evidence of such. There were even some who tried to pretend to be actual developers, aka "identity theft." But alas, they weren't clever enough.

Jamie Watson is back at it again, this time with a new Windows 8.1 laptop. After some initial configuration and exploration, he got the machine ready for Linux and today he posted of his experiences with Fedora, Korora, Mageia, and Debian. It sounds like he had quite the adventure, but concluded most Linux distros will run on it once you sort out the UEFI boot issues.

Finally, in honor of St. Valentine's Day, Libby Clark over at Linux.com has posted of a new meme she started on Twitter. She asked "command line junkies and kernel devs 'What would their candy hearts say?'" You know, those little candies with "Be Mine" or "Luv You" written on them in pink? Some early examples she suggested might be systemd-lish, let's reboot, and love -h.

Today's bonus: Jack Germain over at LinuxInsider.com has reviewed Distro Astro 2.0. Yeah, I know, me either.