First X-Apps, openSUSE Board, Faces of FOSS

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 04, 2016

Today in Linux news "openSUSE 13.1 has gone Evergreen" and Bryan Lunduke was elected to its board. Clement Lefebvre reported on the first two Mint X-Apps and Dedoimedo found a distribution he likes. Rory Dear argued today against migrating to Linux and FOSS Force is back with their most difficult quiz yet.

Neil Rickert today blogged reminding folks that openSUSE 13.1 has reached the end of its official support life and has been taken over by the Evergreen team. The Evergreen folks will provide security fixes until November 2016. Users should think about upgrading at that point.

In other openSUSE news, writer and podcaster Bryan Lunduke has been elected to the openSUSE board along with Tomáš Chvátal and Gertjan Lettink. They join existing members Michal Hrušecký, Kostas Koudaras, and Richard Brown. Also related, the YaST Team blogged about some of their progress at their development sprint 14.

Mint founder, Clement Lefebvre today blogged that two X-Apps are ready for testing. X-Apps are Mint applications that can be used on all their GTK-based desktops providing a native and uniform appearance. A text editor based on Pluma and similar in function to gedit is first followed by a media player based on Totem. Lefebvre said in comments that he is now working on an Evince-like PDF reader.

Speaking of Mint, blogger Dedoimedo today said Mint 17.3 Xfce is "absolutely fantastic." Dedoimedo has experienced a run of bad luck with popular distributions of late but today found one he liked. He ran it through his usual lot of tests for his needs and was pleased with most results. In fact, he concluded, "Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa Xfce is a blistering good distribution. First, a smooth, flawless upgrade from Rafaela. Then, this fabulous experience today. No matter what I tried, Rosa Xfce handled it gracefully, with speed and elegance. 10/10."

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is on-board with Linux Mint too saying, "Unlike some desktops I could name -- cough, Windows 8, cough -- Linux Mint has never had a flop. Every year that goes by, this operating system keeps getting better." He was suggesting Windows refugees might prefer Mint over OS X, as a colleague suggested, and continued to describe why. He was quite convincing - I'm sold. Vaughan-Nichols also shared a tutorial on installing Mint for those migrating from Microsoft.

FOSS Force has a new quiz for nerdy types who like them. This one was a bit harder I think, I missed three out of 18 which resulted in a score of 83. Ouchy for me. This quiz covered the faces of FOSS and I did well until I was supposed to pick Sarah Sharpe out of a line-up. Then I missed numbers 15 and 16. Go try your luck.

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