Happy 30th X, Debian Reinstates GLIBC, and Linux Poetry

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 19, 2014

It was an exciting day here in Linuxville. First up, big Happy Birthday to X as X.Org celebrates the window system's 30th birthday. A big shocker out of the Debian camp has users scratching heads and chins. Libby Clark reports on a kernel hacker who converts Linux to poetry. Those are just a few of the interesting stories today in Linux news.

The X Window System is 30 years old today. This is older than

  • * Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Microsoft Windows
  • * POSIX, C89, C99, C++, Java
  • * the World Wide Web
  • * the GPL and the FSF

Up until very recently, if you were running a GUI on Linux you were running X. It went from running "on the CPU of a VAX VS100 to one that runs the GUI on today's laptops with 3D rendering capabilities." Thanks to everyone involved.

Phoronix.com is one covering Debian developer Aurelien Jarmo's announcement that they are switching back to GLIBC after five years of using EGLIBC. He says as of today "the glibc package has been uploaded to experimental and sits in the NEW queue." He adds that the reasons they abandoned GLIBC for EGLIBC have been resolved and now EGLIBC seems to be a dead project while GLIBC lives.

Speaking of Debian, the project announced the other day that their Long Term Support infrastructure for Debian 6 is now open and running through February 2016. They also put out the call for organizations and companies to help man the LTS team.

Morgan Phillips is probably one of the most unique software developers out there. Phillips used poetry as a learning and remembering tool as she matriculated and now uses that same technique to master the art of kernel developing. She says inspiration is everywhere and she could write thousands of poems just on one function alone. Check out her most interesting story on LinuxFoundation.org.

Jack M. Germain says the "LXQt Desktop Could Be a Real Beaut." He's been watching LXQt for a while and today he said it's really beginning to take shape. He said it's "smooth and satisfying." Check out his coverage today at LinuxInsider.com.

MaximumPC remembered Valve Source engine's 10th birthday this month. They picked out their top 10 choices in Source source games. Several of them work on Linux, so see their slideshow for that.

The Free Software Foundation today published an article on the dangers of Intel's ATM technology in their i5 and i7 chipsets. It might be too late for me, but check it out if you're in the market for a new computer.

In other news:

* Freshmeat now Frozen
* Microsoft rewards Linux users with new version of Skype
* Oldest Maintained Linux Kernel,, Gets an Update and Prepares for EOL