Not Enough Ubuntu Yet?

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 13, 2011

Boy, that Ubuntu, huh? No matter how much pleasure we derived from writing that Ubuntu users were leaving in droves or that Linux Mint kept moving up the DW PHR, it doesn't change the fact that Ubuntu is still big news. Is there a Website out there that didn't cover the Ubuntu 11.10 release?

If you haven't seen enough Ubuntu coverage today yet, your Internet connection must have been down. Some professional sites had been working on their elaborate and grammatically correct full-length reviews for days ready for when the release was announced. Then you had that crowd that follows Ubuntu so closely that they actually notice when a single icon has changed in the nightlies and write a blog post about it. Release day is just another day to them. There are those that just hope to capitalize on the hype as well as true blue real life fanboi. Many from the latter will likely continue throughout the weekend.  The ones I feel sorry for are those whose bosses made them write something up on it.  Then there's everybody else...

If you accidently slept through the day and missed it, here are some of the better links from the Ubuntu release day media frenzy:

And that doesn't include the howtos!