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A Libertarian Point Of View Essay

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short but decent -I find it difficult to pin down or sum up my positions on things into one easy description ortheology. I definitely am libertarian most frequently, I tend to go the way of individualrights and small government. However I am not strictly libertarian. I believe that smallgovernment is the best government. I believe that most people are intelligent enough to thinkand fend for themselves. Government shouldn't involve themselves in that which can betaken care of by individuals or their families or communities. The most important thing thata government can do is protect the right s of the individual. A government should reservethe rights of the individual in any case provided ...view middle of the document...

This would increase the quality ofhealth care in general and also decrease the price of health care as opposed to if health carewere a totally government run agency.However I do believe that the government should regulate health care. Their arecertain things that the government should regulate within the health care industry. Becausehealth care is such a hugely important issue that affects so many people it is one of the fewthings that requires that government be included in regulation. One of the things that thegovernment should regulate is the schooling of doctors. All doctors should have to pass anexam that would allow them to become doctors. Government would also have to regulatepricing and profit of hospitals and other health care related institutions. This would be toguard against unfair pricing and profit in an industry that is susceptible to such things.Government would also have to keep a close eye on medical monopolies. It would be easyfor companies and/or hospitals to obtain a monopoly in certain areas and it would be left tothe government to make sure that a fair amount of competition. Similar to my stance ongovernment involvement in health care is my stance on government involvement inschooling, social security, unemployment etc.Schooling, like health care, is an issue that effects everyone and therefore requiressome but minimal government involvement. Certain things about schooling make itinherently difficult to introduce into a system of private ownership as well as regulate orhave it be government run. The fact that schools naturally are only going to cover a certainarea make it extremely open to monopolies in the private market. I believe that thegovernment shouldn't be totally responsible for education. Schooling should be privatizedlike health care and then just regulated by the government.The governments goal in regulating schooling should not be to totally control it butto simply make things a little more equal in comparison to each other. One of the importantthings that the government should regulate is the amount of dollars spent per children at eachschool. Regulating the amount of dollars spent does not mean however making every schoolspend an equal amount per student but that the government should simply put a minimumand maximum dollars per child regulation in place. Their also should be an agency thatroutinely inspects and...

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