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Abortion Pro Life Point Of View Essay

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AbortionAt one point in your life or another, you have heard of the topic of abortion. You have heard of the arguments and debates of whether abortion should be legal or not, but have you ever wondered exactly what is abortion? According to the American Heritage College Dictionary, abortion is the induced termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or fetus that is incapable of survival. Although that is the technical definition of abortion, not everyone agrees with this definition. Due to the different views surrounding abortion from the church, the people and political parties, the conflict over keeping abortion legal may never be resolved. This is so unless people take a stand ...view middle of the document...

This pertains directly to sanctity for many and for others it is just a simple question like any other.The essential pervasive fact is that the concern for human life goes as deep into history as is traceable (Whitney 89). Abortion goes as far back in time as humans. Just because abortion doesn't show up in history books or historical records, it doesn't mean that it didn't exist. "That concern forms the foundation of civilized peoples, and pro-choice advocates today, who share that concern." These people must acknowledge that the pro-life opposition is rooted in it (Rosenblatt 93).As we already know, abortion is one of the most debatable issues facing us as a society today. Now a days every Democratic Party has to take a stand on abortion, and many times so does the church (Tribe 118). For many people, abortion is the only way to get rid of a problem or a way to get rid of facing the fact that they made a mistake. For others, abortion is the killing of a human being. However, abortion is something that you hear politics argue about when campaigning, but yet they never do anything about making it illegal. According to polls taken in the United States in 1997, making abortion illegal is what most people in the United States are in favor of."So if most Americans want to restrict access to abortion - even if they don't want to outlaw abortion outright, as the republicans favor - why is it that the Democrats get such a free ride on the issue?" The Democrats favor a woman's absolute right to abortion at any time during pregnancy, for any reason whatsoever, including sex selection (Whitney 197).The republicans like the church, oppose abortion in all circumstances, except to save the life of the mother (Tribe 147). This view on abortion is the pro-life view, and the Democratic view is the pro-choice view.According to the pro-life movement, abortion is the killing of a human being. If human life were not generally considered sacred, no society would have had a problem with abortion (Tribe 168). Many like myself favor the pro-life movement, because they believe that every human being whether born or unborn has the right to life. From my point of view, abortion is no different from having a person come up to you and kill you. Just like you wouldn't have a say if someone killed you, the fetus inside the mother's womb doesn't have a say of whether to live or not. This movement is the total opposite of the pro-choice movement, and for years they have been contradicting each other, and will continue to do so for many more years to come, unless people support the right movement, which is the pro-life movement.The pro-choice movement is no different than if a person felt like going out and shooting everyone. They would kill everyone because they wanted to. This is exactly what the pro-choice movement is supporting. Pro-choice is giving women the right to kill as many people (fetuses at the time) as she feels like it without having to face any criminal charges....

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