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A Place I Don't Know Well

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A Place I Don't Know Well As I step off the plane, I am suddenly overcome with joy. As I look out over the runway, my breath is taken by the beauty of it all. Just coming from a cold, harsh winter, the warmth of the dry air on my face is almost comforting. The ocean in the distance seems so perfect ...view middle of the document...

The girl's golden blonde curls glisten in the afternoon sun. Her father is walking close behind her every once in a while pointing out in front of her tiny feet. Bending to the ground she then places what I assume to be washed up shells in her little pink bucket. As I close my eyes, I can feel the warmth of the pure white sand over my tired feet. I'm surrounded by beauty. The subtle curves of the palm trees leave me in amazement, and the green in the leaves are of a color I've never seen, just imagined. As I leave the airport a feeling of freedom comes over me. No restrictions, no expectations. Moving towards the sandy shore, it appears to be more of a mirage than reality. Reaching my destination, I remove the uncomfortable leather shoes from my feet letting the warmth of the pure white sand take me in.

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