A Teen Piece "The Grey Room" It Deals With The Uncertainty Of Being A Teenager And The Desire To Grow Up And Go Back To Childhood At The Same Time

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I don't know anymore. I'm stuck in this big grey waiting room of life and honestly, I don't know if I want to move, but I don't want to stay either.Behind me, the pastel colored door covered with stickers of cartoon characters leads to the past. But I can't go back. As much as I may want to, it's just not possible. It is extremely appealing with its carefree playing and no fear on the other side. But the harder I try to get closer to that door, ...view middle of the document...

I may have sprinted as fast as I could down that hallway to get to here, but now I would give anything to be able to go back and leisurely make my way down that hall, taking in as much as I can. I understand why I can't; to go back now would just spoil the memories. Nothing is ever the same twice, and if I were to go back now, I would notice things I didn't see or understand the first time, things that would taint the sweet memories.Ahead of me is a black ominous door. I don't want to go to it, but there is an overpowering force dragging me towards it. I don't know what it holds on the other side, and I'm not sure I want to know. I know it has to do with the future, my future, but with that future comes responsibility and uncertainty. I don't know if I can handle that. The scariest thing to me is the unknown, and the future, my future, falls into that category.For now, I am stuck here in this grey waiting room. I'm not a child. I'm not an adult. I can't go back, but I don't want to go forward. On my way through the grey room towards the black door, I come across obstacles and barriers. I don't know how, but I am overcoming them. Each victory leads me to discover something I never knew about myself. It's a confusing place, but I'll take it...for now.


A Creative Writing Piece About The Arizona Desert And How It Contrasts From Day To Night

527 words - 3 pages Free in the distance, circling the desert comparable to a tremendous bare stadium with red rocky stands that you know exist, but out of your reach. Every time your eyes wander back to study the distant rocky landscape it seems as if it were merely a projection onto the horizon. It almost feels unreal.As you stand in the midst of the red scar set in the face of America, as the awesome temperature hits you, and as the blue sky watches down on you, time

In Practice, Do You Think YOUR Firm Should Go To The Time And Expense Of Implementing A Capital Budgeting System Into The Planning Process?

1044 words - 5 pages Free organisation should go to the time and expense of implementing a capitol budgeting system into the planning process. It seems to my untrained eye that the benefits outweigh the costs, but that is assuming that the pitfalls are known and understood. By this I mean the varying accounting methods employed, their use, fit and the application, are understood by the senior management team; for example we are given within our texts six example

Hamlet On The Great Chain Of Being Being Disturbed And Leading To A Bad Ending

842 words - 4 pages "The time is out of joint; O cursed spite, That ever was I born to set it right!"# This quote is from the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, spoken by Hamlet. He knows that the Great Chain of Being is disturbed and he is the one that has to set it back to normal. The Great Chain of Being is a scale where everything is put in its place, from Heaven to Hell. Disturbing the Great Chain of Being will result in a bad ending. In Hamlet, Shakespeare

american fast food in illinois, Its delicious and dangerous at the same time with your health. - cvs - freestyle

413 words - 2 pages Free online using an app called Uber Eats. They will deliver whatever you ordered online to your door. Having these options available you are expanding the fast food chains, and making it easier for people to not cook. People have a busy work schedule during the day. A lot of people usually get off work at night-time: so they come to a fast-food restaurant to get a quick meal and go get some sleep. Additionally, some people don’t have a chance to eat at

Research Proposal Same Sex Marriage By Julz Matheney This proposal deals with rights and the proposed Marriage Ammendment

266 words - 2 pages Research ProposalSame Sex Marriage and the Proposed Federal Marriage AmendmentFocus of ResearchSame sex marriage has been one of the many recent political "hot" topics. It is a popular subject in political debate, national newspapers, and media coverage. These debates, articles, and reports are often focusing on rights outlined in constitutional laws, amendments and Bill of Rights as a source of the right of same sex couples to marry. Some

A Incite Into The Pressures Of Life As A Teenager. As Compared To The Simplistic Existance Of A Fly

971 words - 4 pages gradually. Then BANG, like a tonne of textbooks falling at instantaneous velocity and hitting you with a force of 1000N, exams commence, swimming carnivals begin, friction and stress builds within your circle of friends, petty annoyances cause explosive arguments at home and just as you feel your mind with succumb to the pressure and shut down or alternatively boil to the point coagulation causing a chemical reaction and a physical change in your

This is a review of the movie Dance Time. It covers dances and dance styles from the 1910's to the 1990's

475 words - 2 pages Free contest of stamina and desperation". Movie musicals were "a tribute to romantic dancing of the screen". The Big Apple is a dance consisting of many individual steps, with the "circle formation [being] the frame for this dance". The Jitterbug was an "aerobic" dance that used "partner lifts [to] expand" the style (video).The Rumba was a dance of the 1940s, which was "a Latin American import" with smooth movements. The Swing was a "dance craze of Harlem

A Look back in time, over the course of a 100 years - History - Research Paper

908 words - 4 pages their community. She married William Hutchinson, a prosperous merchant, and was the father of their twelve children and proved to be a loyal husband. Controversial Decision In 1634, Anne and her family became fed up with having to hide their religion so they decided to move to the Puritan colony of Massachusetts Bay. Anne practiced and taught the Puritan religion, but soon learned that her belief in salvation by the Covenant of Grace was not

Assignment was to discuss why I chose to go back to school and try to attain a masters degree

513 words - 3 pages company time and again, they were understanding. I spent a couple of months with a feeling of being discontent. I could not understand what more I wanted to do with my education. I had always been a good student and even graduated two years early with my bachelors degree but, I felt like I needed to do more.Every night I would go home after a long days work and wonder if that is the same type of position that I would have in ten or twenty years. I

The Marketing Mix A Company Uses Is Likely To Be The Same Regardless Of Witch Country Or Region It Operates In. Discuss

966 words - 4 pages regions but not sell good in other regions. As to currency fluctuation, which always add to the cost of production. Those elements often work at the same time. For example, IKEA had to cut benefits for long-term growth in Chinese market when it faced import duties, exchange rate fluctuation and counterpart competition (Grant & Jordan, 2012, p368). "In China some IKEA products sell at prices 70% lower than in other countries and some tables

This piece gives a description of Brown's views on slavery and it focuses on the mourning of a slave woman, of his piece. It states my point of view on the matter

478 words - 2 pages Narrative of William W. Brown, A Fugitive SlaveWilliam W. Brown, the author, describes the life of a slave in his narrative. Along with the narrative, there is a song that is representative of the slave woman's mourning. It really affected him to see this woman go through so much pain and suffering, and be told she cannot keep her child. In this piece, with the use of the song, Brown is able to provide the reader with a more vivid image of what

Death with Dignity laws and the desire to control hows one’s life ends - Lakewood Highschool, English - Death with Dignity laws

441 words - 2 pages shown to prove that pain doesn’t matter when it comes down to ‘leaving the world.’ At the end of the day it’s the ill patience decisions if he/she will go or not, but must follow the law. Life should be about quality not quantity. Works Cited Szabo, Liz. “Death with Dignity laws and the desire to control hows one’s life ends” Washington. Oct. 24, 2016. 8/24/16 www.TheWashingtonPost.com

To What Extent Did James Dean Impact Teenager Lives of The 1950s? - US History and American Lit - Essay

977 words - 4 pages . 112) James Dean felt alive while racing or being behind anything with a motor. As James Dean grew up. His pastor took him to his first race. He felt alive and found his happy place. He stuck with this interest until his death at age 24. His skill of racing started at a young age. After Dean’s mother passed, James Dean buried all his emotion deep down and his isolation and rejection of himself caused him to explode. This is when the true rebel

The teen brain and Romeo and Juliet, an anylization piece - Hahnville High School - Assignment

512 words - 3 pages their untimely demise. Age is a factor in Romeo and Juliet's decision making. “The Teen Brain: Still Under Construction” states “Along with the obvious effects of sleep deprivation, such as fatigue and difficulty maintaining attention, inadequate sleep is a powerful contributor to irritability and depression,” this claim is supported by Romeo and Juliet as Romeo stayed up all night long and seemed agitated or depressed. Another claim from the

The life of a struggling teen and her boyfriend - class assignment - narrative

1145 words - 5 pages from a police officer at my job and she informed me he didn’t have a license. To make matters worse I had to leave my job and pick up my car. My coworker happened to be getting off at that time, so he gave me a ride to the crash site. I was furious, but he was a smooth talker and it was only a small scratch on the front bumper. I told him that he had to come to work and wait, till I got off and we could go back to my house. Dontae was impatient