A Very Suspenseful Story On How I Fell Off A Quad

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We hopped on the shiny red quad. Colton sat on the soft seat and I sat on the cold metal rack. The trail was lit only by moonlight and a faint shimmer from the racetrack lights. Colton grabbed the throttle and made me almost slide off the back. I caught myself with one foot and pushed myself back onto the quad. Cold air was sweeping through the hair on the back of my head. I could barely hear Colton chuckle as I felt him duck. I turn around and could see in my periphe ...view middle of the document...

When I had realized what had just happened I gave him a quick elbow to his kidney for not warning me. All that could be heard was the wind blowing past us and the napping of the sticks beneath the tires. I had to constantly check over my shoulder to make sure I wouldn't be hit with anymore unknown objects. As I watched the sticker bushes fly past me, I faintly heard Colton yelp something. I thought nothing of it until the gravity shifted and I could feel the font of the quad lift up. My stomach wrenched and dropped to my feet and I clinched onto the metal rack for my dear life. I looked down and gazed in awe as the back tires lifted up off the ground. I could feel the seat underneath me sliding backwards. I glanced back and saw a huge mound that must have been what catapulted us into orbit. Adrenaline was running through my veins like high-octane fuel through a car. My sweaty hands were losing touch with the metal rack, which were the only things in contact with the quad. The quad started coming down as I felt my stomach coming back up. We landed and I could hear the quad speeding off in the distance. I opened my eyes and could see the tree tops in the sky. My head was throbbing with pain. I felt as if I had just fallen off a cliff, and I hoped that no more quads were coming down the trail.


Raoul Dufy a very good story it is very nice and fun it is very good. - Ivanhoe Grammar - Research paper

516 words - 3 pages portraying happiness and joy. Nice, the old casino (1927-28): Description: I see a vast blue sky and the sunset in the distance, meaning that it is late in the afternoon. There’s the moon in the background very faint but still noticeable. I see a big building on the left hand side, it looks like a temple or a casino as the title prompts in a Middle Eastern setting. There are palm trees and

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1011 words - 5 pages class, I had no clue where I would learn such a thing. What this class has helped me with is that is has furthered my understanding of not only Asian Americans and their mixture of culture around the United States, but also helped me understand more deeply the thought processes of “city people” so I may learn their processes and ideals, making myself a (how you put it) classier person. Greater abilities to understand people may come hand in hand

The Girl Who Has a Very Tough Decision - Brisbane grammar - 9A - Short Story

767 words - 4 pages Free out a knife. Staring at it, Celine slowly makes her way to the bathroom closes and locks the door, and collapses into a heap, dropping the knife next to her. Sitting on the bathroom floor, she [footnoteRef:1]weeps buckets of tears thinking about loneliness. Such a dark place. It can make anyone feel like they’re in a room with one thousand people but being invisible to every one of them. Every single day for as long as Celine can remember

"My Theory On Death Of A Salesman" I Read The Play And Gave A Summary Of The Story And What I Thought It Meant To Me

866 words - 4 pages My theory on Death of a Salesman This play by Arthur Miller had very many different types of conflict that gave off different meanings to the audience. Throughout this story a man is watching everything he has worked for and done all his life be taken away from him. He can't bond with his son because of an injustice he put on him long ago. He states at times that he is a well liked man, and you can go to different places and say his name and get

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449 words - 2 pages Ana Sofia Foy History                                          The Constitution        The Constitution of the United States was written in 1787, yet there was a struggle for its ratification that went on until 1790. Members of Congress believed that the Articles of Confederation, the first government of the United States, needed to be altered while others did not want change. After the Revolutionary War, the people did not want a strong central

A short story on murder and drugs

3235 words - 13 pages Free my bookshelf was still covered with my favourite stories. I groaned and pushed myself up. It felt like I was asleep for days. Despite the wind leaking through the window, the room was very hot. I looked over at my bedside clock. It was 12:40. How could I have slept in so long? I usually woke up at seven. My door creaked open slightly. A heavy smell of bacon and eggs drifted into the room, sparking my hunger. I turned my head and saw a face peeking

yeah the byd this is a story abut the ay dgtyeh the capulets are very irrational - hhyjfyh - huityf

1141 words - 5 pages of love in their relationship. Meryl’s false marriage to Truman highlights that the sanctuary of love is abused on Christof’s set. Sylvia’s love for Truman verifies that love can be real. In the film Weir shows that in multiple cases love is insincere and true love is a rarity. Angela (mum) – · “became sick” - “Become very ill” · “lots of pages left over for baby photos. I would like to hold a grandchild in my arms before I go” · “I never

This Is A Book Called H*O*L*E*S. It Is Very Good And I Hope You Enjoy It!

250 words - 1 page choice, Camp Green Lake. He took the bus to Texas (Where it was.) So, he thought he would be in a place with a lake. Guess again, it was a desert and very hot there and also only two trees! It doesn't seem that great now. Mr. Pendanski was the first person he met there. He was the tent counsulor. HTey didn't sleep in a house, they slep in a tent. Now he's sleeping in a bed that used to belong to Barfbag. See how his adventure goes and read the book by Louis Sachar called HOLES! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Even though it is a very long book with 50 chapters, it is very addictive and you'll never want to put it down.

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572 words - 3 pages going through a complete identity crisis. Everyone was always putting me into stereotypes labelling me as “that Mexican girl” without even knowing where I came from -- merely based off assumptions. Nothing else seemed to matter though, they only saw me for my skin color. Sometimes people would even treat me like I was stupid and slow down their words, not knowing whether I knew their native tongue. I felt so isolated because I didn’t belong

I agree with Bandura’s theories on behaviorism. In my very

405 words - 2 pages I agree with Bandura?s theories on behaviorism. In my very own family examples of his ideas are very prevalent. My sister is very much like my mother and had always modeled her. They are both sensitive, my mom is very neat and likes everything clean, so does my sister. My mom likes to shop, so does my sister. They even dress similar. She has always imitated my mom for as long as I can remember. My brother models my dad. They are both sports

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538 words - 3 pages that threatened the very existence of the world. A demon from the great beyond named Damon invited Marsh to join him on Morpheus Road and help him find something called the poleax. Just when Marsh could see no other alternative, a ghost of Cooper showed up and told Marsh not to give in. This second book, The Black, is Cooper's story. As to be expected, Cooper was not exactly thrilled to learn that he was dead. He was swept off to a "waiting" zone

to get a story i flimflammed a dead man mother - english 12 - essay

621 words - 3 pages To Get a Story, “I FlimFlammed A Dead Man’s Mother” is a personal short story written by Bob Teague. The short story is about a local tv news reporter, who talks about how the job can be quite ruthless and requires your heart to be able to endure the sorrow. He mentions that depending on the story it decides how much you have to bend the truth just to get a decent story for the news. When the author states “if you are covering a political

A Really Funny Story

592 words - 3 pages balcony.""That sounds like a pretty bad day to me," said Peter, and let the man in.The second man comes up and Peter explains to him about heaven being full, and again asks for his story."It's been a very strange day. You see, I live on the 26th floor of my apartment building, and every morning I do my exercises out on my balcony. Well, this morning I must have slipped or something, because I fell over the edge. But I got lucky, and caught the railing

A Wife's Story

1926 words - 8 pages Free pocket" (471) as he thinks the American palate is bland and he wants her to go for guided sightseeing tour which she is "too proud to admit" (473) to Charity or Imre. I feel embarrassed as well, when my husband shows off the complimentary box of facial tissue, coffee sachets and slippers he takes from the hotel room or the cutlery set and blanket he collects from the airplane as "souvenirs"."A Wife's Story" touches my heart as I can really empathy

Essay on Ain't I A Woman - Sonjourner Truth - English - Essay

586 words - 3 pages African American woman compared to white men and to builds a connection between her and her listeners to successfully shed awareness in hopes to beat race and gender discrimination. Repetition plays a big role in this speech as it portrays a clear image to her listeners of her frustration on how very little human rights Truth and African American women were entitled to in comparison to how realistically she should have had, and the reason behind that