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Essay Qu: What do the relationships that Truman has with those around him say about the authenticity of love?
Introduction Paragraph – TS – DS1 – DS2 – DS3 - CS
In the film ‘The Truman Show’ directed by Peter Weir the relationships Truman has around him suggest that in most cases that love is not genuine. Truman’s relationship with Angela highlights that even a ‘mothers’ love is not real in the film. Meryl’s false marriage to Truman highlights that love is treated as a mockery on Christof’s set. Sylvia’s bond with Truman proves that in some cases, love can be authentic. Through the relationships in the film Weir demonstrates, that love is not always sincere.
Body 1 – TS – DS1 – DS2 – DS3 – DS4 - CS
TS: Truman’s relationship with his ‘mother’ reveals that love is not genuine but is used as a form of emotional manipulation. Throughout the film Angela’s counterfeit role in Truman’s life makes a mockery of the notion of love. Angela not only doesn’t adopt traditional motherly roles of love but uses her relationship with Truman to manipulate him to feel guilt for his father’s death. This is seen when she discusses how she “never blamed” Truman over the drowning of his ‘father’ even though he was responsible for “lead[ing] them into the storm”. She conveniently becomes “very ill” when Truman wants to leave Seahaven and subtly drops clues about how she “would like to hold a grandchild in … [her] arms before” she passes away. The calculated use of emotional manipulation towards Truman due to holding an authoritative relationship in his life, highlights the lack of legitimacy of true love in Truman’s world.
Body 2 (Meryl’s relationship showing that love is not true)
Truman’s ‘marriage’ with Meryl shows us that their relationship is built on contempt and not honest love. Throughout the film instead of Meryl supporting Truman’s aspirations to “explore the world”, she is patronising and belittles him by saying he is “acting like a teenager”. These actions demonstrate that their relationship is not based on true love. Meryl is continually negative towards Truman’s dreams, and uses their “financial obligations” of “mortgage and car repayments” to demolish his wants; this demonstrating their unorthodox relationship. Meryl’s unwillingness to be a supportive wife, lie and manipulate Truman for the “best ratings”, proves that their love is not authentic.
Sample Body 3 Optiona A (Sylvia does show that love is true)
The relationship Truman has with Sylvia demonstrates that genuine love can exist. Throughout the film Sylvia is honest with Truman and tries to warn him about “everyone know[ing] everything” he does and that “they are all pretending” in his life. Sylvia wants Truman to be happy and live a normal life and encourages him to leave Seahaven and “come find” her. Sylvia’s love is evident as she shows determination to rally in the ‘real world’ for Truman’s freedom and attacks Christof for “turn[ing] his life into... a mockery”. This exhibits Sylvia’s true l...


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