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Running head: DISCUSSION BOARD 3
Discussion Board 2
Jacob Griffin
Liberty University
Professor Hemric / BUSI 330
April 3, 2019
This discussion explores Amazon by describing how their online marketing strategy has impacted conventional retail stores. The advantages and disadvantages of online retailers compared to brick and mortar department stores include factors such as product selection, available services, and the amount of time it takes to have a product in hand. The advantages that online retailers provide has led conventional retailers to implement similar strategies to attract consumers, some of which include curbside pick-up and free shipping. Even with these additional services, conventional retailers will never be able to level the playing field because they can not offer the mass amount of brands and products that online retailers can. Amazon goes beyond retail shopping by providing services to businesses like fulfillment by amazon, checkout by amazon, and amazon webstore. In addition to this, Amazon provides its suppliers with forecasted purchasing patterns that allow them to know projected delivery dates and the volume of products needed. Lastly, the system that Amazon uses to store and organize products in their fulfillment center is discussed. This system maximizes storage by placing items in way that optimizes space instead of grouping items together that are alike. This discussion ends by exploring how followers of Christ can implement biblical counsel into their business practices.
Amazons has created the fastest, easiest, and simplest online marketing strategy that has impacted conventional retail stores in various ways. They went with the get-big-fast business strategy with their main goal being to become, “Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover virtually anything they might want to buy online.” (Kerin & Hartley, 2018, p. 337). Amazon started off by offering one service and has now grown to be a virtual superstore with the largest product selection on Earth. Most retail stores cannot offer the same selection of products that Amazon does; in fact, amazon is constantly adding new services like Amazon Fashion and Grocery delivery. Consumers now have the convenience of making purchases from their home and it arriving at their doorstep within a few days, instead of fighting traffic and crowds at conventional retails stores. There is one major advantage that conventional retail stores have over online retailers: the ability to have possession of a product instantly. When consumers need a product right away, they still have to turn to purchasing from brick and mortar retail stores where they can walk in and out with their purchase in hand. Even though this is still a major advantage, Amazon may be counteracting this through developing drone technology for same-day delivery.
Brick and mortar retail stores are combating the effects of onl...


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