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Virtue Ethics In Jouralism Question Philosophy, University Of Warwick Essay

1876 words - 8 pages

According to your chosen moral theory, is it morally wrong for journalists to hack people’s phones in order to get information for news stories?
Table of contents:
1. Introduction Page 2
2. Outline theory, apply theory to question: Classic Theory (Aristotelian) 2-3
3. Outline theory, apply theory to question: Modern Theory 4
4. Outline theory, apply theory to question: Modern Theory 5
(Agent-based theorist)
5. Outline theory, apply theory to question: Modern Theory 6
(Target-Centered Virtue Ethics)
6. Conclusion 6
Word count (excluding bibliography): 1621 words
1. Introduction
Virtue ethics is the default form of ethical theory, which is a concern with who you are, how you live. (Aristotle, 2009:28). Aristotle states the theoretical central structure of virtue ethics which is known as classic theory (Annas, 2007:515). Aristotelian considers virtue ethics is often assumed naturalistic that virtues depend on a particular view of nature independent of the ethical claims themselves (Annas, 2007:526). Modern moral philosophy theories have not established completely, majority of them are still partial. Neo-Aristotelian, Foot and Hursthouse, both claim that “virtues benefit me, by constituting my flourishing, is supported by the claim that having the virtues benefits me as a human being” (Annas, 2007). Because human nature is flourishing and it requires us humans to live in a virtuous way. It is not surprised that journalists hack people’s phone to get information for new stories in recent years, when such kind of bad news come out, there is a moral argument within this behavior. In this essay, I will argue that virtue ethics theory requires agent-based theorist and target-centered theorist answer to the question and that strongly and logically prove that it is morally wrong for journalist to hack people’s phones in order to get information for news stories.
2. Classic Theory (Aristotelian)
Annas (2007:517) notes that the affective aspect of virtue is that “virtue requires doing the right thing for the right reason without serious internal opposition, as a matter of character”. There is a critical moral difference between the people who acts rightly and the one is wholehearted in what she does; however, some modern theorists denies this distinction and with no reasons (Annas, 2007:517). The central role in virtue ethics in classical moral philosophy is practical reasoning. It claims that I am not virtuous if I have not thought through and understood for myself the reasons on which I act. However, if virtue has to be a disposition that did no good to me and the others,...

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