An Explanation Of How Apple's Mac Book Was A Revolutionary Device School Essay

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​It has been years since we have been introduced to Apple’s spectacular Macintosh
computer. Each year, Apple makes changes to the computers, delivering a better and better
experience. They have come to a computer like no other: one with an improved design, while
still holding up a beautiful display. The keyboard is completely reimagined for a smoother typing
experience. The interior of the computer is smaller, but new breakthroughs in hardware have
made it do much more. And finally, this hardware is topped off by beautiful, seamless software.
This is the future of technology, one of Apple’s most
reinvented computers: the MacBook.
Display and Design
The MacBook has a sleek outside that makes it
thinner and lighter, only weighing a record-breaking amount of two pounds (2.03). It is only 13.1
millimeters thick, and has a 12-inch retina display. Made from completely eco-friendly
materials, this MacBook earned the highest rating of Gold from EPEAT. This computer had
three colors: Space Gray, Gold, and Silver. In early 2016, Apple added a new color: the currently
popular Rose Gold. The computer’s extra charging ports were
removed so that the computer could be thinner as a whole. The new
USB-C port, a thin, small port, is the only port on the computer.
The USB-C is only one third of the size of the standard USB-3 port.
This doesn't mean that the USB port and headphone jack are gone. They are now part of an
adapter that you can plug on to the USB-C port.
The MacBook’s 12-inch retina display is like nothing we have ever seen before. A higher
quality screen than most high definition screens bring crisp, colorful images to life. Most high
definition computers have a 1920 by 1080 display, while the MacBook’s display is at an amazing
2204 by 1440. There is a larger aperture in each pixel, making it more energy efficient. There is
also a reduced space between display components for a tighter design. The display is extremely
high quality, but that is not the only breakthrough. The display is also the thinnest display ever
on a Mac, at 0.88 millimeters. This computer has the thinnest and highest quality display ever on
a Mac.
The display and new exterior are not the only components of
the reimagined design. Apple went as far as to reimagine the
trackpad of the computer. People have faced the problem of wanting
to click somewhere at the top of the trackpad, but instead having to click on the bottom left
corner. With the MacBook, this is no longer a problem. With the new Force touch trackpad, it is
clickable everywhere. However, that is not the most important change that the force touch
trackpad provides. It also introduces the new “secondary click”, an action that is activated by
pressing harder on the trackpad. The amount of force used to press the trackpad would be sensed
by a taptic engine, which would transmit it into an action.
The MacBook’s keyboard was to be almost entirely redesigned. The keys were made
17% larger, and there was a change in...

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