Archimedes Is A Better Inventor Than Leonardo History Coolman

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ISU Debate outline
Opening statement: I am representing Archimedes in this debate and can ensure that he is more of an influential inventor and creator than Leonardo da Vinci.
Biographical information: He was born in 287 BCE at Syracuse, Italy. He died on 212/211 BCE at Syracuse, Italy. He worked very closely with the king of this Greek city state and other mathematicians, including the Alexandrian scholars Conon of Samos and Eratosthenes of Cyrene. He constructed intricate war machines that were very effective, which resulted in defending the city state of Syracuse from being captured by the Romans in 213 BCE. Archimedes was eventually killed in 212 or 211 BCE when the Roman general Marcus Claudius Marcellus captured the city state. Throughout his life he invented the Archimedes screw, discovered the relation between the surface and volume of a sphere and its circumscribing cylinder, and formulated a hydrostatic principle. He is also credited with being the most significant and well known mathematician in Ancient Greece.
Thesis statement: Due to the significant impact that Archimedes invention of the Archimedes screw, the discovery of the relation between the surface and volume of a sphere and its circumscribing cylinder, and the formulation of the Archimedes principle had, I believe that he is more of an influential creator than Leonardo da Vinci.
Argument #1: Archimedes invention of the Archimedes screw revolutionized the way things were done in Ancient Greece and the applications of the Archimedes screw is still used today in developed and developing nations.
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Analysis: support for argument
Potential weakness
It was a contraption that would collect/raise water and other solutions with far less effort than lifting buckets. In Ancient Greece, it was used to empty out water from ships that were leaking, it collected water from flooded mines, which was a huge problem in Ancient Greece. Crops were also watered with the use of the Archimedes screw by hauling water from rivers and lakes. The Archimedes screw was also used to save flooded land, which was especially important from areas of land, such as Holland, that had high sea levels. This contraption is still used today to transport grains, sand, and sawdust. It is also used in machines such as power drills, snow blowers, augers, crop harvesters, and many more. The contraption is also used in many developing nations for irrigation.
As already stated, the invention was used to empty out water from ships that were leaking. This is very significant as the invention would help reclaim ships that were used for the transportation of goods (for trade), people, and naval dominance. This allowed Ancient ships to carry out their uses. The flooding of ships was also quite a common problem in naval war, and the Archimedes screw would help significan...


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