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That Melbourne Is Better Than Sydney Persuasive Essay For Yr 10 Enlgish

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Persuasive EssayA common debate between people living in Melbourne and Sydney is one that asks which is the better city to live in: Is it Melbourne, or are Sydneysiders correct in thinking that the best place to live is their home town? However, this debate is unnecessary, as the answer has been proven by a survey performed by the Economist Intelligence Unit, placing Melbourne as the world's top city to live in, ahead of Sydney, which was sixth on the list.Of the criteria in the survey, a category where Melbourne significantly scored higher than Sydney was the climate. Melbourne's weather may be unpredictable at times, but the city does not experience the amount of humidity that Sydney does. ...view middle of the document...

The report looked at the cost of starting a business and operating expenses in eleven industrialised countries and over 121 cities.The cost of buying a house in Melbourne is also more affordable than in Sydney. The median house price in Melbourne is currently $357 000, yet in Sydney the median house price has just dropped from over $500 000 to $470 000, still much higher than prices in Melbourne.Not only is Melbourne cheaper than Sydney, it is also more culturally diverse. According to The Age, more international students are transferring to Victoria than anywhere else in the South Pacific. The lucrative international student market in Victoria had outpaced national growth, the report said. The total of international students, including those studying on Victorian university campuses overseas, has increased from 51,636 to 57,744 or by 11.8 per cent. The national growth rate is 10.2 per cent. In the service centre industry, multilingual graduates, particularly those with Asian language capabilities, are the key to Melbourne's success as the multilingual capital of the Asia-Pacific, the fastest growing economic region in the world.Melbourne's transportation system is said to be one of the best in the world. The public transport in Melbourne is much more...

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