Psychology Applying Sensation To Video Games Samford University: Psychology 101 Scientific Essay

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Avery Griffith
Assignment #2
October 10, 2018
The Positive Effects that Video Games Relay to the Brain
Oftentimes, individuals associate negative theories with the effects of video games, and what the games could do to the human brain. Although many believe this negative theory about video games, psychology today proves otherwise. When video games are used correctly and played in small doses, many positive effects will be shown in how individuals develop and how people communicate with those around them. When taking a closer look to the benefits that video games produce; the positive effects can often be seen in vision, attention span, and memory.
For one to fully grasp the positive effects that playing video games in moderation produce, people must understand how the brain responds to the pictures and sounds from the games. Bottom up processing is how the brain takes in information around the individual, sends it to the brain, and uses sensations to make sense of the information received (Meyers & Dewall, 2018, pg. 230). Bottom up processing occurs whenever a sensory stimulant is acquired, and then turned into an energy that the brain can take in, and is then received by the brain. This process that occurs after bottom up processing is called transduction. When proving the benefits of video games, one must understand how the brain views a video game. To view the game, the light from the game will enter the cornea (Meyers & Dewall, 2018, pg. 239). The light will go directly towards many parts of the eye until it is collected by the cones and rods, or receptor cells, and turned into neural impulses. Neural impulses are the way cells communicate with one another. The way that sound is received by the brain is very comparable to the way light is received by the brain. Once the brain collects this response, perception occurs. Perception is the ability to become aware of information through senses.
In the cortex of the brain and transported to the lower areas of the brain, perception allows individuals to comprehend the information being received through sensations (Meyers & Dewall, 2018, pg. 230). Perception starts in the upper brain areas, and is conscious thinking. This differs from the sensations found in the lower parts of the brain. These sensations are automatic, and often occur with little to no thought. Perceptions that have depth are created when gestalts are formed. This allows the human brain to look at surroundings, and decipher what reality actually is. Perception is a much-needed instrument to help make sense of the information our brain is absorbing through each sensation that occurs.
Once one grasps that perception and sensation are imperative to the brain, it allows them to fully understand the effects that video games have on the cerebellum. The benefits include being able to devote attention to activities longer and being able to do multiple activities at one time. This is otherwise known as multitasking. When...

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