Class Project About American Dream English 10 Essay

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ACLT 052: Academic Literacy Fall 2018
Final Portfolio Instructions
You will submit a final portfolio to include:
1. Two (2) previously submitted essay assignments--selected by the student and revised as necessary
2. Critical Analysis Essay (essay #4)—revised as necessary
3. End of Semester Reflection
You MUST include the original graded essay with instructor comments AND the revised version of the essay with all changes underlined or in bold.
Part 1—Previous Essay Assignments with Appropriate Revisions
Please include two previous essay assignments with appropriate revisions. For each of these essays you will write a 2-3 paragraph “revision narrative” where you answer the following questions:
1. What are the strengths of this essay as related to the course objectives? Be sure to discuss the reading and writing objectives. Give specific examples from your essay to support your answer.
2. What are the weaknesses of this essay as related to the course objectives? Be sure to discuss the reading and writing objectives. Give specific examples from your essay to support your answer.
3. What specific changes did you make to the essay to address the weaknesses and the feedback from your instructor? Give specific examples from your revised essay to support your answer.
Part 2—Critical Analysis Essay (Essay #4) with Self-Reflection
Please include critical analysis and reflect on your work in this essay. In this reflection, you will write a 3-4 paragraph response to the following questions:
1. What are the strengths of this essay as related to the course objectives? Be sure to discuss the reading and writing objectives. Give specific examples from your essay to support your answer.
2. What are the weak points of this essay as related to the course objectives? Be sure to discuss the reading and writing objectives. Give specific examples from your essay to support your answer.
3. Compared to your previous essays, how does this essay demonstrate your growth as a critical thinker, reader, and writer? Give specific examples from your essay to support your answer.
Part 3—Overall Assessment
Please reflect on your experiences in this course over the past semester. You will write a 4-6 paragraph response to the following questions:...


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4760 words - 20 pages meetings with incredible Dentists. This opportunity truly opened my eyes and provided me the information about the dentistry through the dentists’ perspectives. Through this project, I would like to thank Dr. Luisa F. Opina, Dr. Jennifer Cendejas, and Dr. Mina Narula for giving me an honor to have a real life experience in the career that I want to pursue. Introduction to Dentistry Dentistry is the branch of the healing arts and sciences devoted

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1083 words - 5 pages environment and achieving the American dream. My parents are somewhat comfortable with English now but there will still be barriers preventing them accomplishing the tasks on their own. They continue to seek my help but not as much as before. They were misguided by the illusion of what the American dream presents. My parents worked hard on their job trying to accomplish the goal of living the American dream, but their life now is very different from

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1179 words - 5 pages The Great Gatsby | The American Dream This essay looks at Fitzgerald's critique of Jay Gatsby’s particular vision of the 1920s American Dream; what Fitzgerald seems to be criticizing is not the American Dream itself but the corruption of the American Dream. The ideal of the American Dream is based on the fantasy that an individual can achieve success regardless of family history, race, or religion simply by working hard enough. Frequently

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1153 words - 5 pages Last Name 1 Tra 1 Ngan Tra Nicholas Miller Honor English III: Topic: ID and Society 10 October 2018 The Great Gatsby Essay: The American Dream The American Dream, the idea of anyone can become wealthy and enjoy long-lasting happy life as long as they work hard enough, has always been a big motivation in American literature in general and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald in particular. Discussion on whether the American Dream is real and

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632 words - 3 pages Free Zach Neal AP English 11 The Great Gatsby Analysis Essay In the novel The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald and the essay Paradox and Dream by John Steinbeck, the authors present similar ideas, but use different methods to portray them. Similarities can be drawn in the themes of the two texts, specifically in the themes of the pursuit of the American Dream and the use and misuse of wealth. Steinbeck’s Paradox and Dream portrays Americans as “a

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731 words - 3 pages for it, the American Dream does not happen to all people. For example, George and Lennie want their own place with a house, a garden, and animals such as rabbits because it represents independence and stability, but they cannot achieve it because of the class they are in, stuck in a cycle of poverty. They talk about the dream like they say it many times, George explains, “We’ll have a big vegetable patch and a rabbit hutch and chickens. And when

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1309 words - 6 pages dream. This idea plays a huge role in almost every character in the novel, and shows how it affects every individual's life. For our main characters George and Lennie, and others like Crooks and Curley’s wife, the American dream was a yearning to achieve their goals in the harsh, unforgiving time of the Great Depression. During the great depression in the 1930’s, people were treated immorally because of their race, social class or their gender

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1756 words - 8 pages ENC 1101 There are a lot of continuous arguments about the specific definition of what the American Dream means as well as whether it exists today. Do people still believe in the American Dream? If so, what does it mean to them? Are questions that the author Brandon King thought of as he wrote his essay, The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on Hold, where he states that it is in fact very much alive. This topic is important and brought up

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931 words - 4 pages Salma Zepeda Mrs. Fong English 5-6 4/21/16 The Great Gatsby: An Impossible American Dream Every individual is struggling to improve themselves in hopes for a better future however, chasing an ambiguous dream will always end in failure. The new opportunities that 1920’s America provided seemed to heighten this struggle. In the novel entitled ​The Great Gatsby, ​F. Scott Fitzgerald tells the story of two past lovers during this era. Through the

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924 words - 4 pages words of this poem may sound idealistic, but they are an accurate depiction of the beginnings of the American Dream, and the dream is still accessible today. In his essay “They Live the Dream,” Dan Rather relates a story about a man named Curtis Aikens, who went all through high school and three semesters of college without knowing how to read. At the age of twenty-six, he finally asked for help. Referring to his literacy tutors, he said, “They

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493 words - 2 pages The American Dream In House On Mango Street The american dream is the idea that anyone who comes to America or is born in the U.S. can achieve greatness and success if they work hard. In the House on Mango Street some people try to achieve or go for their dreams while some just stand there and do nothing. Some examples of the characters I am going to be including are Alicia, Mamasita and Esperanza. The first example of someone who is trying to

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926 words - 4 pages Ferrara 1 Frank Ferrara English 96 Professor Morman December 2017 The American Dream Is the American Dream still alive? It’s in no way an easy question to answer, especially in times of economic and social turmoil. The country seems to be as divided as ever, with social classes, political agendas, and races all at odds with each other. With the growing conflict between the inner cities and their police forces, the widening gap of the economic

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542 words - 3 pages Free a reality even if it’s not in my lifetime.  I believe the American dream is also not a physical thing but something you feel and achieve with thought; I think that my American dream is about being free to do what you want to do in life, and to come to a home full of love and peace and able to speak your mind in a positive way to your community; able not judge people of their ideas but to understand them and create a relationship; the ability to build opportunities to the future no matter the background. I believe that this is what I want to strife for in the future and I hope that one day that the ideas I believe in will rub off on the people around me.

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642 words - 3 pages sacrificed their lives for us. McCain reveals that patriotism is someone who respects, love your country or who stands up for their country. Many people dream about being an American. They dream because they envision American as the land of peace and prosperity. People in the United States differ greatly in beliefs, physical appearances, and heritage; yet we all call ourselves American. To be American is not as simple as being born in the United States. To be an American is about embracing the culture and way of life. Americans can enjoy freedom of speech and are part of a diverse and rich culture.

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1359 words - 6 pages Alejandro Puentes English 1C Critical Analysis The American Dream Tad’s animated film “The American Dream” is like a documentary showing the way the government has always been misleading and cornering the American citizen. In the film, the Americans’ dream was being controlled and taken away from them by the few who control the flow of money. Through the banking industry, the US government expresses how they can support people’s financial