Compare The Ways In Which Steven Spielberg (Saving Private Ryan) And E.M. Remarque English Literary Studies Essay

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Stage 1 Pre-Literary English Studies
Comparative Text Essay
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Georgina Dunn
Compare the ways in which Steven Spielberg (Saving Private Ryan) and E.M. Remarque (All Quiet on
the Western Front) explore a range of ideas about war and warfare.
Steven Spielberg’s film ​Saving Private Ryan ​and ​Erich Maria Remarque’s novel ​All Quiet on the Western Front
respectively explore a range of ideas about war and warfare through the use of various literary and cinematic
techniques. ​Saving Private Ryan ​takes place at several settings where they’re surrounded by the brutal
realities of war while searching for Ryan, each man embarks upon a personal journey and discovers their own
strength to triumph over an uncertain future with honour, decency and courage. Comparatively, ​All Quiet on the
Western Front ​is an anti-war novel told from the point of view of Paul Bäumer, a German soldier fighting in the
trenches in World War I. In Saving Private Ryan and All Quiet on the Western Front, Spielberg and Remarque
both explore aspects of the bond and camaraderie between the soldiers, the horrors and graphic reality of war
and warfare and render the individual soldier’s experience of war through a range of literary and cinematic
Remarque and Spielberg establish the formed camaraderie and friendships amongst the fellow soldiers
through the portrayal of allegorical references and embedded symbolism. Remarque highlights the importance
companionship yield on these young soldiers through the use of symbolism, representing these formed bonds
with a ‘safety net’ providing support and guidance through the grapples of WWI. Comparatively, Spielberg also
utilises symbolism in order to deepen the viewers understanding of these formed friendships. The goose acts
as a symbol as Paul and Kat ​have a more complete communion ​developing their ​companionship, even though
they don’t talk much, ​the profound brotherhood and the beginning sense of amenity is obvious as Paul believe
[s] ​that they have ​more than even lovers have. These characters embody these formed friendships. Similarly,
Spielberg displays these formed camaraderies within Saving Private Ryan. Evident in the scene whereby,
Ryan is found located in the village, Miller begins to approach him, revealing his departure back home. Ryan
refuses to go home and insists on staying with his comrades. Additionally, in this depicted scene anecdotes
were exchanged about going back home, foreshadowing the friendships made with fellow soldiers, in
comparison with relationships developed with the entire country. Apparent, through the utilisation of literary
techniques and cinematic techniques, such as allegorical references and embedded symbolism. Spielberg and
Remarque scrutinize the bonds of friendship and camaraderie, in such a post-apocalyptic and chaotic
environment, whereby the horrors of war are depicted with raw emotions.
Both Spielberg and Remarque highlight the horrors and graphic reality, warfare...

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