Elementary School Mt. Everest Geography Assignment

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Mount Everest Report
Mount Everest is located Nepal, in the Mahalangur Region of the Great Himalayas. The famous mountain summit separates Nepal, Tibet and China. Mount Everest in Nepali is called Sagarmartha and in Tibetan it’s called Chomolungma. Mount Everest is the worlds highest peak and highest Mountain. Mount Everest was formed when the Indian subcontinental plate crashed into Eurasia and then India which is on a different plate, moved up wards and towards the north but it crashed into Asia and then Mount Everest and the Himalayas was formed. Mount Everest’s is the highest tourist attraction in Nepal. April and May are the most prime months to climb the mountain due to it being clearer when going up. People go to Mount Everest to be on highest peak on earth and also come to conquer a goal.
Impacts on the landform
The Indian continental plate moves towards the Asian continental plate, Mount Everest is pushed upwards due erosion. Mount Everest eroded because of weathering. Anything high up on earth erodes and get damaged by weather and water. If the land under mount Everest is pushing up faster than the erosion mount Everest starts to wear away then Mount Everest will get tall instead of shorter. Mount Everest loses about 3 millimetres of height each year to erosion which is 0.1 inches. It may not look like much, but in general mount Everest losing is tonnes during all of the erosion. India is pushing up into the rest of the Himalayas and Mount Everest. The rest of the mountains around mount Everest are getting taller by 5 millimetres each year. Source: 1
Mount Everest eroding due to weathering
Source 2.
Nepali Sherpa cleaning up waste left behind by climbers.
Humans use the mountain to go on the ultimate challenge to climb the glorious mountain. Its also one of the biggest challenges to climbers to climb due to the high altitude, high altitude sickness, extreme climates, and to reach the world’s highest peak. Humans have a crucial impact on Mount Everest. Many tourists have an affect on Mount Everest due littering on the mountain. Humans have been causing pollution and could spread a disease on the mountain. Nepali officials have alerted tourists to not leave any waste on the mountain to keep mount Everest a safe environment.
How could this human impact be solved?
Some solutions are, when trekkers take food up all the trash they that take up has be brought back down and bins will be placed around the base camp. Airline company Nepal airlines, could work on this project as well with inventing a plane such as a C- 130 that can have huge exhaustion power when opened up, to fly over Mount Everest with an opening at the back to enter the main storage and one in the front which is very small to only hold up 3000kg. There will pilots as usual, as well as two experienced flight attendants that will be allowing all the rubbish in and they will be there the only ones on the planes. With this plane being very large main of the plain which holds up to 22,000 kgs, is where all the trash will all be stored with the back only opening to allow the trash to enter the air craft. The high exhaustion power will be built at the back of the plane and a small opening at the front which will be stored into a area which holds 300okg which will be lowered down when sucking up all the trash and will be put in in the seating area and then it will be flown back to Kathmandu to be recycled. The recycling warehouse will be built in Kathmandu as the headquarters of this Organization. As the company goes on, warehouse will be built all around Nepal and even near the Himalayas to have quick access to recycle all the rubbish from the mountain. All planes will be stored at This project will cost a lot of money going into the price of one c-130 type plane being around the price point of $38 million and with a big recycling ware house could cost up to about $100k - $350k. Problems with this solution could be it being to pricy as this project would need at least 3 planes which would cost $114 million and building 5 recycling warehouses would cost up to about $1.3 million and all together would cost up a $155.3 million dollar project. This project will have many test try’s until finally perfected. Other things will be sucked up like rocks or even possibility some of the mountain if the exhaustion power is too strong.
In conclusion, Mount Everest the highest peak on earth has been impacted by natural causes such as weathering and erosion. The human impact on the mountain is very critical due to all the garbage and trash being left behind by tourist that could cause a disease on the earths highest peak. The solution c-130 plane with an exhaustion device will take all the litter left behind on the mountain will be recycled at a warehouse in Kathmandu keep Mount Everest waste-free and keep the mountain clean and safe from diseases to climb the challenge to reach the top of the world.
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