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Stephan Soliman Professor Sean O’Toole
Criminal Law 11/09/13
In chapter 10 it discusses and focuses on Homicide. The meaning of homicide is the killing of one human being by another. There are three types of homicide, which are justifiable, excusable, and felonious. I am going to explain and discuss how the textbook explains homicide in general. Homicide explained in the textbook is the killing of one human being by another, it not always criminal. Sir William Blackstone wrote in the eighteenth century that there were three kinds of homicide in which I listed them before. He wrote that the first involved no guilt, the second involved little guilt, and the third was the worst crime that humans were capable of committing against the law of nature.
The meaning of justifiable homicide is defined in the common law as an intentional homicide committed under circumstances of necessity or duty without any evil intent and without any fault or blame on the person who commits the homicide. Justifiable homicide also includes state executions, homicides by police officers in the performance of their legal duty, and self-defense when the person committing the homicide is not at fault. The excusable homicide is the killing of a human being, either by misadventure or in self-defense, when there is some civil fault, error, or omission on the part of the person who commits the homicide. The degree of fault, however, is not enough to constitute a crime. The criminal or felonious homicide occurs when people unlawfully and knowingly, recklessly, or negligently causes the death of another human being. The common law and the states have divided criminal homicide into the crimes of murder, manslaughter, and negligent homicide.
This chapter deals with criminal homicide and the circumstances that give rise to specific charges. Criminal homicide encompasses a wide variety of acts. The acts and the intent with which they were commit...


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