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Some of the necessary preconditions for long distance trades to me would have been some of the basic needs which most merchants covered, like making sure that your way of transportation was properly saddled and fed. But some of the most important preconditions would be safety making sure that you would be protected against dangers from the environment but also from bandits trying to take their products by force. Another key thing they would have been the mapping out the route someone is taking to which would prove to be very essential in having it planned out before someone leaves to their destination, as shown in the book a “a reference to their most famous product, these land based trade routes linked pastoral and agricultural peoples as well as large civilizations on the continents outer rim (see map7.1).”(318) which describes and shows the large surface area that these vendors would have to travel. The last preconditions that i can think of would be vendors who are traveling through these roads would have to be careful because each different location would have a different set of rules which were not universal throughout all of the lands, which would make it very difficult on vendors with different policies in different cities.
Preconditions that I think to be useful for trades in the Americas would be some of the same key ones as the trade routes in the silk road minus the caravans of camels. Since trading would be completely routes wouldn’t be equivalent like the Silk Road’s like its mentioned in the book when they state “... nothing equivalent to the...

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