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Jada Coombs
The use of dietary supplements has increased, as well as the concerns of the effects that come
with consuming them. Many people struggle with getting all of their necessary nutrients. They
are aware that these supplements, or vitamins, can provide them with the needed nutrients to
maintain a healthy lifestyle. But, studies show that in taking these vitamins, there can be health
risks associated. The Food and Drug Administration published in the Journal of the American
Dietetic Association, that "more than thirteen percent of adults in the United States who take
multivitamin, multi-mineral supplements report adverse events". (Source 2). People should not
get their essential vitamins and minerals through supplements, as it is harmful; the use of these
supplements can be toxic, and have dangerous reactions.
The balanced diet consists of three meals a day, seven days a week. These meals consist of
breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and probably a snack incorporated somewhere between these meals.
People are expected to get the five basic food groups, which are fruits, vegetables, grain, dairy,
and poultry. They are also expected to get the six essential nutrients, which are proteins, carbs,
fats, vitamins, minerals and water. While it sounds easy to do, it is not, as people have trouble
being consistent with maintaining their diet plan. This is where dietary supplements would be
considered as an alternative. However, it should not be considered, as taking dietary supplements
are not good for your body, and nothing satisfies your diet better than actual food. According to
Dr. Kelli M. Ward, "the best source of these nutrients is a healthy balanced diet, composed of
fresh, whole foods." (Source 1). So, if people were to actually create a consistent meal plan, then
it is possible that they can receive the necessary nutrients, as opposed to spending more money
on vitamins, which is "now a multi-billion-dollar industry". Ward also goes on to state that many
multi-vitamins are made from synthetic nutrients, which can be "harder for the body to absorb".
Synthetic nutrients are more than likely created in a laboratory, and can contain harmful
chemicals which will cause the body to react negatively to the vitamin.
Many people have long histories of health issues in their lives, in which they have to take
prescription medications in order to keep symptoms at bay. These people more than likely do not
have the best diet. But, they may want to increase their nutritional value by taking supplements,
in order to create a balance. However, this is not a good idea. Taking supplements while taking
prescription medications has proven to be harmful due to drug interaction. "A higher proportion
of people reporting adverse reactions when taking dietary supplements, particularly multivitamin
multi-mineral supplements, concurrently take prescription or over-the-counter medications that
supplement users without adverse events." (Source 2). When chemicals...

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