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Hamad Kurbanov5 Eco Mt A10/03/2014Belgische inflatie stijgt tot 1,14 procentDe inflatie is in januari gestegen tot 1,14 procent, tegenover 0,97 procent in december. Voor het eerst in vijf maanden is de inflatie hoger dan 1 procent. De hogere prijzen voor onder meer groenten wogen zwaarder dan de invoering van een nieuwe indexkorf, die de inflatie afremt.11 Februari 2014Het indexcijfer van consumptieprijzen steeg met 0,14 punt tot 100,50 punten, meldt de federale overheidsdienst Economie. Hij noteerde prijsstijgingen voor groenten, woninghuur, riolering en afvalwaterzuivering, publieke ziekteverzekering en brandverzekering. Motorbrandstoffen, vliegtuigtickets, buitenlandse reizen en vlees werden goedkoper.De inflatie versnelde van 0,97 procent tot1,14 procent, het hoogste peil in zes maanden. De inflatie berekend op basis van de gezondheidsindex steeg van 1,01 tot 1,25 procent.De inflatie is nog ste ...view middle of the document...

De omrekeningscoëfficiënt van de oude naar de nieuwe index bedraagt 0,817 voor dealgemene index en 0,828 voor de gezondheidsindex.OmrekeningscoëfficiëntHet inflatiecijfer wordt normaal op het einde van de maand bekendgemaakt. In januari is dat evenwel niet gelukt. De sociale partners slaagden er niet in een akkoord te sluiten over de omrekeningscoëfficiënt. De beslissing was immers gekoppeld aan de hervorming van de ontslagmotivering en de aanvullende pensioenen.Pas gisteren werd daarover een akkoordbereikt, waardoor het inflatiecijfer nu pas gepubliceerd kon worden.OverindexeringDe index en de geïndexeerde lonen zullen daardoor gemiddeld 0,12 procent hoger liggen, wat de ondernemingen 180 miljoen euro kost.Agoria,TechnologiefederatieAgoria, de werkgeversfederatie voor de technologische sector, reageerde teleurgesteld op de beslissing over de coëfficiënt. Het betreurt dat er geen compensensatie komt voor de vermeende 'overindexering' uit het verleden. De werkgevers stellen immers dat de vorige index de prijsevolutie overschatte en hoopten dat via de omrekeningscoëfficiënt te compenseren. Tevergeefs, blijkt nu.'De index en de geïndexeerde lonen zullen daardoor gemiddeld 0,12 procent hoger liggen, wat de ondernemingen 180 miljoen euro kost', stelt de sectorfederatie Agoria.BesprekingIn januari is de inflatie gestegen naar 1,14 procent, deze was nog 0.97 procent procent in december. Dit komt vooral door de prijsstijging van groenten, woninghuur, riolering en afvanwaterzuivering, publieke ziekteverzekering en brandverzekering. Dit is het hoogste peil sinds zes maanden. Deze is nog laag dankzij de energieproducten die de maanden ervoor 4.2 procent goedkoper waren. De spilindex is nog niet overschreden maar er wordt een overschijding verwacht tegen december. Men is er ook niet in geslaagd om de omrekeningscoefficient meteen bekend te maken, men geraakten niet aan een akkoord, dit gebeurde wel de dag erna.Lonen en index zuller 0.12 procent hoger liggen.Detijd,Internet,11/02/2014,( (11/02/2014)


Assignment On Development Of Veitnam's Economy

3569 words - 15 pages TABLE OF CONTENTS1.0INTRODUCTION2.0 Development of economical policy structure3.0Stepping into the global market4.0Obstacles to continued economical growth5.0Opportunities for Multinational BusinessCorporations6.0Current state of economy and ongoingChallenges7.0Major elements of future economicalProsperity8.0Some drawback of economical growth viaGlobalization9.0CONCLUSION10.0REFERENCES1.0: IntroductionHo Chi Minh first proclaimed Vietnam's

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1278 words - 6 pages The United States is known for being one of the greatest countries in the world, and is idolized by a plethora of people; many want to move here to improve their lives for themselves and their families. If these people come by breaking the lawn, is that affecting us who are citizens? Is the American economy going down because illegal immigrants are coming to the United States? Yes, so how is the American economy going to bounce back to what it

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1484 words - 6 pages Middle Age Economy The economy mostly seen in the early middle ages was feudalism, Europe?s form of government in the Middle Ages, was developed in the fifth century to meet the changing needs of the time. It was based heavily on the honor system. The king had overall power, then the lord, then the vassals, or landowners, and finally down to the peasants, known then as the villeins. The fiefs, or estates, could be rented out to one vassal who

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767 words - 4 pages Philosophy of LifeIn "On Economy" Henry David Thoreau is a naturalist, one who is able to be one with nature. Thoreau is very descriptive in what he does. He describes every detail as he is building, as he rests, and as he goes on in life. It is almost as if this story is strictly a descriptive essay. Thoreau goes into great detail trying to describe everything he does. Through him being so specific and descriptive you get a better look at his

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821 words - 4 pages Professor Rohrer ENG 1010 December 4, 2018 Benefits of Immigration to the US economy As of 2018, immigrants make up to about 15 percent of the US population. Many americans still believe that immigrants steal their jobs and accuse immigrants for high crime rates. These Americans do not understand the benefits of immigrants to the US, as immigrants help improve the US economy. There are three main benefits of immigrants on the US economy

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593 words - 3 pages Kelli Bauman MBA 604: Global Economy March 12th, 2019 Italy’s low productivity growth, weak banks, and high yield rates of Italian bonds have all contributed to the budget crisis. Low productivity growth is a by-product of Italy’s risk averse government, cumbersome rules, and long court cases, which cause public investment to remain unspent. The biggest obstacle to economic growth in Italy is low labor participation, specifically among the

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3396 words - 14 pages Free Kunzle. 1 Ivo Kunzle Econ 404 Dr Tori Knight 04/07/19 Argentina, from the top to the bottom In this essay, I explore the Argentine economy, first targeting its ups and downs from the 1975 and on, going through the economic crisis of the early 1980s that submerged the country in hyperinflation leading to a currency change from “Peso Argentino” to “Austral” during the government of Raul Alfonsin. The second hyperinflation that forced the country

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2680 words - 11 pages Free economic power (in addition to the ‘special’ one it has with the biggest economic strength still, the USA), and encourage both investment in the UK and exports to China. Economics and politics are joined together it seems in most countries. Whenever we have an election it seems that all parties focus on emphasising what they would do to boost the economy. In China, this can’t happen as there is only one party. Therefore, the situation invited further

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2349 words - 10 pages Increasing value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Is it a bubble or stable investment? How does it influence global and national economy? INTRODUCTION TO REPORT: This report explain economical aspects of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, its stability, report describes potential boom scenarios, impacts on specific sectors (Banking, Tax, stock market) and answer an important question: Will the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies bring

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946 words - 4 pages Do you agree that we now have a ‘global economy’? Justify your answer. Yes we do, but its full of inequality Globalisation is a system where goods and services re transferred It’s a local market gone global What is an economy? Economy is where income... Resource and wealth distribution... Introduction/Thesis Yes we have global economy but rid with inequality and poverty. DEFINE The Market is a place where people buy and sell. Commodities

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588 words - 3 pages 18000787 The Economic Cycle Flow 06/03/18 Tesca Becker 18000787 The Economic Cycle Flow 06/03/2018 The Economy is what makes the world, as we know it, ‘go round’. “Economics is the study of people and the choices they make.” Economic problems and affairs get a lot of back-lash and coverage in newspapers, magazines even on television channels that deal


1326 words - 6 pages AN EQUILIBRIUM BETWEEN THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE ECONOMY IS AN ELUSIVE CONCEPT Mohammad Tosnimul Hassan Natural environment contains the primary resources essential to life on earth. Water, the atmosphere and land are the main components of the mother nature whereas there are many other resources within these components. These include aquatic and land-based plant and animal species, minerals and energy resources which are key to economic