Why Mexican Families Should Practice Family Planning

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Why Mexican Families Should Practice Family PlanningFor a long time, Mexican couples have not traditionally used birth control. Because of this, it is very common to find big families. Therefore, the population in Mexico has increased considerably affecting not only the family itself but the whole country as well. Overpopulation is a serious problem that represents an obstacle for Mexico's perseverance. The purpose of this essay is to explain why planning our families would help to assure family life success as well as increase the chances of Mexico's economic growth as opposed to population growth.The first reason why Mexican couples should plan their families is that in this way they can better distribute attention, time, and care among the members of the family. When a cou ...view middle of the document...

A major reason for this problem is a non-planned family. If a couple with insufficient economic resources has many children, it is very obvious they will not be able to give them an adequate education. A proof of this is the big number of children on the streets asking for money. On the other hand, a planned family helps increase the educational level among the children. Therefore, children will be given a chance to be competitive in the daily changing world.Finally, the third reason why Mexican citizens should plan their families is the fact that Mexico has more chances of improving its competitiveness and quality of life in many aspects. We all know that family represents the basis of a society. Therefore, each and every family contributes to Mexico's economic and social situation. If we could have more conscious and responsible families planning the number of their children, our opportunities for economic growth would be increased. Building a better a place to live increases the possibilities of receiving better services, avoiding geographical distribution problems, and improving our expectations of economic growth.Mexico's future depends a lot on its families. For this reason, each couple should make a conscious and responsible use of their rights to decide the number of children they want. Planning our families will enable us to distribute time, care, and attention among the members of the family. Planning our families will give us the opportunity to afford education for our children. Planning our families will increase Mexico's possibilities for growth in many aspects. We should consider these enormous benefits when deciding the number of children we want. Fewer children in families will raise the quality of life both within the family and in Mexico. However, the responsibility for the final decision is only yours.


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