Essay That Uses Devices To Compare N Contrast Hs And College Wharton County Junior College Eng Essay

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De Nobrega 1
Zachary DeNobrega
Professor Bush
10 December 2018
High School v. Community College
High School and College are often argued over when trying to decide which is better. Though the level of freedom and difficulty in curriculum differ from each other, both share similarities such as the responsibility and accountability for your mistakes, and the goal to prepare you for the future. The subtle differences between the two are what separate and make college far better than high school.
In high school students are in a strictly regulated schedule they have no freedom in choosing or changing. As a high school student you are required to follow the rules set in place by the campus or district you are attending. Schedules, lunches and breaks are definitive, leaving the student feeling as though they are not in control of their time and life. When a graduate reaches college, their freedom expands and are no longer held to petty and minor rules. College campuses allow you to choose the day and time of your classes, giving students the ability to decide when they are readily able to learn and are willing. Decisions like these allow students to have the power to create the perfect schedule for their peak performance.
Students attending college gain abundant freedom, but also are responsible for their actions. Though in high school, you are responsible for turning in work and attending, both are regulated and enforced by teachers along with laws set by the state. On a college campus, the student alone is responsible for attending, turning in their work and are not held to punishment like public high schools are. In contrast, high schools provide punishment for a student’s inability to abide to their rules and requirements and college students are faced to live without rules...

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