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Terms Chapter 5
Black Swan Audio
Shot 1: A medium shot, eye level full frontal shot of a woman walking in an under the path. The music from the previous scene is beginning to fade out. The camera is handheld shot that tracks in front of her. The top lighting gives her bright look to notice the character, but as she continues to walk faster, the light begins to dim into darkness(shadow). She turns her head to her left and as the sound of her phone begins to ring. With her left hand, she searches for her phone in her bag.
Shot 2: She is still walking as her phone continues to ring. We see her extreme close up of her phone in her hands. She proceeds to flip the phone open — a sound of click from her opening her phone. We see her mom was calling.
Shot 3: She is coming from the shadow into the light as she closes her phone with her left hand to ignore her mother’s call. The phone makes a clicking noise when she closes the phone. We are back again at a close-up shot, eye level full frontal of the women. She stops walking and looking straight ahead of her. Most of the area she is in is dark but her body.
Shot 4: Suspenseful background music begins to play A rear shot of the women is standing on the left of the shot, and the light is hitting her from the top on the right-hand side. There is another woman in the long shot center of the shot. You also can hear the other women click her phone off. Background music continues to play.
Shot 5: First women again at a Medium shot, eye level and full frontal with a worried look on her face. Lighting is still top lighting to give her the main focus. Her hands are in her pockets because she is nervous. Suspenseful music continues to play.
Shot 6: So now we have a view of other women at a long shot view. The other women are in the center of the shot she begins to walk. You can hear the sound of her heels hitting the sidewalk as she walks.
Shot 7: Continues on the first one who is standing at a medium shot, eye lev...


film review

452 words - 2 pages doctor back to the Galapagos. Maturin performed by himself with a mirror. Aubrey creates opportunity to Maturin to explore the island. In the mountain, Maturin see the French ship. He runs back and warns to Aubrey that they need to ready for next battle. With the help of the whaling ship, the French ship takes the bait. Aubrey is informed that the captain in the French ship is death. Pullings is promoted to Captain and charged with sailing the captured ship to Valparaiso.

A Midterm Review for Film Class - 20th century cinema - review

2188 words - 9 pages and sneered at the possibilities of hope and change for the better. · (Partly brought on by a growing fear of the Atomic Future). · Never before had American Cinema been so dark and pessimistic. · However briefly, Film Noir held up a dark mirror to post war American and reflected the state of its moral anarchy. (1941-1945) The War Time Period · There are three broad phases of Film Noir: 1. (1941-1945) THE WAR TIME PERIOD-The private eye and lone

Racism In Film Essay

1053 words - 5 pages text? In Falling Lucas becomes more racist towards Arabs and also loses respect for his mother and Caitlin. He grows internal anger toward his mother because she didn?t told him what his grandfather did. Benoit manipulates Lucas against different races and he start to grow the plant of racism in Lucas. Racism makes him more violent and he wants to take revenge on the Arab people who attacked him.In American History X Derek's way of living as a Neo

Minority Report Film Review

1499 words - 6 pages Minority Report - Film ReviewWho wouldn't want to live in a world where murder didn't exist? The citizens of Washington, DC, have it in the year 2054, and it's been that way for them for six years. Law enforcement benefits from having three people with an extraordinary gift of foresight. They are called pre-cogs, and have the same names as three well-known mystery writers - Agatha, Arthur, and Dashiell. They live a very controlled life inside a

Film Review Of "To Kill A Mockingbird"

535 words - 3 pages riddled with racial discrimination. Though discrimination is often less overt today than what is depicted in the film, many forms of racism still exist and for this reason it is important for everyone to see this movie. It became famous not only for its excellent acting and directing, but also because its message hit home with so many people. Racism does still exist today, and movies which create awareness of this social problem are important. To Kill a Mockingbird does this perfectly and is just as timely today as it was forty years ago when it was initially released.


1011 words - 5 pages Free films having similarities we are also able to see discrepancies and distortions. The Stepford Wives and Get Out are similar in ways such as the Eberhart family moves to a wealthier neighborhood and Chris in Get Out is visiting his girlfriend’s wealthy family in the suburbs. Also, when Joanna, The Stepford Wives, was having speculations about the women in her town being different and had an eerie feeling no one was believing and she herself

Documentary Film: "Paris is Burning" - An Analysis - Trent University - Introduction to Film Movements: II - Essay

1308 words - 6 pages supplement to the in-your-confront way of the standard participants themselves. It is just some separation into the movie that we start to see the unobtrusive ways that the chief has found to draw out the different incongruities of her subjects' lives. For instance, Willi Ninja, an example of overcoming adversity in a world that offers no conspicuous carrihre ouverte aux abilities, numbers among his numerous financially suitable endeavors the direction

Red Dog Film Review - Australian Identity - Film - Assignment

942 words - 4 pages (787 words not including quotes.) Films are more than just entertainment. They often speak to the particular values or attitudes of people at a given place or time. Australian films, for instance, put forward ideas about who Australians are as people and the things they should value. Kriv Stenders' 2011 hit film 'Red Dog' is an example of this reality. ‘Red Dog’ is an Australian film about the adventures of a dog in the Australian Pilbara

Comparative Analysis of Hamlet Film Adaptations - Shakespeare Class - Essay

1253 words - 6 pages is saying to the mirror. But due to the fact that the mirror is double-sided it becomes impossible to tell appearance from reality. The Almereyda’s interpretation of a modern Hamlet is strikingly different from Branagh’s. The scene that comes from Michael Almereyda’s Hamlet film takes place in the middle of a blockbuster store. It shows Hamlet aimlessly walking down the aisles perusing all the films on display, but it appears as if he is not

The Patriot - Critical Film Review

1271 words - 6 pages The Patriot, a movie loosely based on Colonel Francis Marion and the Revolutionary War, was released in the year 2000. The film was written about a war-time hero, Francis Marion - called Benjamin Martin in the movie and played by Mel Gibson - who initially declines going or sending others to fight in the war. He quickly changes his mind though when his son is killed by a ruthless British officer. The Patriot is an interesting watch, as it

Man On Fire - Film Review

1208 words - 5 pages different than how someone else in reality would behave. These people could be real, even though different from what many would likely experience. There are some violent scenes, but a movie about revenge would not have the same impact without them. Creasy is not going to go after someone for kidnapping and then give him a slap on the wrist. Nope, Creasy's going to make them pay. I like action, and I like movies with emotional involvement. This movie combined both for me, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good movie this weekend.

Be My Brother (2009) Short film, film analysis - English Film Analysis - Essay

1250 words - 5 pages Free How does Clay-Smith shatter notions of ‘disability’ and the labels that society imposes on the marginalised using the multimodal form of a short film, ​Be My Brother ? Those who are marginalised often are perceived as unwanted by those in their surroundings. People with disabilities will repeatedly victims of being ostracized and outcasted by mainstream society who is unwilling to expose themselves to the new experiences making it incapable for

learning log for media film studies - uni - essay

734 words - 3 pages all aspects including my professionalism. The first thing I did for this module was set up a project schedule. Project schedules are extremely useful, and it kept me on track throughout my whole paper work and filmmaking process. A project schedule is majorly useful, and it contributed massively to my film. I’d set up two schedules, one was a film schedule which showed a full recce and times for the shoot day, the other was for the entire project

Focus film essay for essay assignments - 11ena - visual text

719 words - 3 pages 11ENA READING LOG 3 Film Log Title: Focus Directors: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa The 2015 film “Focus” directed by “Glenn Ficarra and John Requa” Staring “Will Smith and Margot Robbie” is about (Will Smith) a veteran con-artist who takes (Margot Robbie) a “newbie” who’s just coming into the scene of being a con under his wing and shows her his tips and tricks to his success of being a con. Which by the end have them falling for each other. At the

Use film techniques to create setting and evoke mood in the film To Kill a Mockingbird - Grade 12 - Essay

959 words - 4 pages . This is evident when the jury convict Tom Robinson as guilty of rape even though all the evidence presented shows how innocent he really is. The final conviction of Tom Robinson creates a very tense mood for the film as it heavily plays into the themes of racism, prejudice and injustice. Sound and lighting, are two very vital and obvious techniques used to evoke a tense and vexed mood through the audience as it can express emotions that characters