For Anyone Love Me And I Love You Too - Lany - Essay

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1. I control how successful I will be - 8
2. I’m not sure why I’m in college. - 1
3. I spend most of my time doing important things - 8
4. When I encounter a challenging problem, I try to solve it by myself. - 8
5. When I get off course from my goals and dreams, I realize it right away. -7
6. I’m not sure how I learn best. - 5
7. Whether I’m happy or not depends mostly on me. - 9
8. I’ll truly accept myself only after I eliminate my faults and weaknesses. 9
9. Forces out of my control (such as poor teaching) are the cause of low grades I receive in school. 5
10. I place great value on getting my college degree. 10
11. I don’t need to write things down because I can remember what I need to do. 7
12. I have a network of people in my life that I can count on for help. 5
13. If I have habits that hinder my success, I’m not sure what are they. 5
14. When I don’t like the way an instructor teaches, I know how to learn the subject anyway.8
15. When I get angry, sad, or afraid, I do or say things that create a problem for me. 5
16. When I think about performing an upcoming challenge (such as taking a test), I usually see myself doing well. 8
17. When I have a problem, I take positive actions to find a solution. 7
18. I don’t know how to set effective short-term and long-term goals. 5
19. I am organized. 5
20. When I take a difficult course in school, I study alone. 5
21. I’m aware of beliefs I have that hinder my success. 8
22. I’m not sure how to think critically and analytically about complex topics. 5
23. When choosing between doing an important school assignment or something really fun, I do the school assignment. 8
24. I break promises that I make to myself or to others. 5
25. I make poor choices that keep me from getting what I really want in life. 8
26. I expect to do well in my college classes. 9
27. I lack self-discipline. 6
28. I listen carefully when other people are talking. 7
29. I’m stuck with any habits of mine that hinder my success. 8
30. When I face a disappointment (such as failing a test), I ask myself, “What lesson can I learn here?” 8
31. I often feel bored, anxious, or depressed. 6
32. I feel just as worthwhile as any other person. 6
33. Forces outside of me (such as luck or other people) cont...

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