Legal Rights And Protective Legislation For Consumers Aics/9c Newspaper Article

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Commerce Daily Paper by Usman Khan
Legal Rights and Protective Legislation
Throughout the years, the necessity for consumer protection has increased due to several businesses following unethical practices to scam shoppers to make a lot of money. This has resulted within the introduction of various new rights and protection laws for the consumers.
These rights and protecting legislations build it possible for consumers to ethically and fairly buy merchandise and services while not constantly having to worry about being scammed. The following legal rights include
Legal Rights:
Safe products: every product purchased directions for proper use are provided and products are tested by the manufacturer to see product quality.
Accurate product information and description: Its is when ingredients are clearly labelled on the food containers.
Full disclosure of the terms of sale: this means that the full price is always displayed to the consumer
Consumer guarantees, and warranties are honored: this means that a consumer can expect a refund or exchange at any time, if the product is faulty
Protective legislation
In 2011 the Australian consumer law was introduced which works by using the competition and consumer act of 2010. The main purpose of the protective legislation is to protect consumers from unethical business practices such as: misleading and deceptive understanding, unethical conduct, misrepresenting the contents of the product, unfair trade practices and false claims regarding goods and services. Even though consumer protection law makes it illegal...


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