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Gender and Sexuality on so Many Levels When the word sexuality or gender are brought up in a conversation, there is always that one person in the group that all of a sudden gets that uncomfortable feeling, and begins to shy away to the corner. Why, do we, as a society and a culture, let ourselves be so confused; and unsure when it comes to these subjects. Are we really that uncomfortable about who we are, and what and what not to do to stay "cool," or "socially normal?" In the United States of America we as the people that govern this country have every, and almost all freedoms that anyone could ask for. Yet time in and time out we jumble so many different ways of life into our own that we forget that we need to live our lives the way that we want, and not the way others want us to.Society prescribes a set of rules or " roles," which consists of how one is supposed to and not supposed to dress, act, think, feel, relate to others, think of oneself, and so on. Based on one's sex whether they have a vagina or a penis. These roles are split and called feminine and masculine. Anyone who does not abide by these so called rules of society may be targeted for mistreatment; ranging from not being included in people's circle of friends, snide comments, verbal and sexual harassment, assault, rape, and murder, based on one persons perception of their gender Sexuality refers to how one thinks of themselves in terms of who they are sexually and romantically attracted to, specifically whether one is attracted to members of the same gender as one's own or the other gender than one's own. Society also makes a set of rules that one should be sexually and romantically attracted to members of the other gender than one's own, and should not be attracted to members of the same gender as one's own. When someone's sex and gender identity are different, they may base their sexual identity on either one. Alternatively, a person may have two sexual identities, one as a man and one as a woman.The first thing a person usually thinks of when they think of a "man" or a "woman" is their characteristic attributes. Now every one believes that a man should have bulging muscles and a masculine type body. A female should have curves and a smaller more petit body. So for example take women in athletics, every woman that has ever participated the Olympic games has to go through an intense gynecological physical, while men do not (Rothenberg:49). So why can't women with equal strengths as men participate with them in any competitive fields? The same goes for men, there is no doubt that men vary in size just as women do, but because men are not to ever get beaten by a women, they keep us away from each other, that is why professional sporting events will never be mixed gender. While we are on the athletic aspect of things, lets talk about sexuality in athletics. Why is it that men and women cannot share the same showers or dress in the same rooms together? I believe that this is why...


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1111 words - 5 pages When I first came to college, I noticed many differences between college and high school. The one difference that became the most obvious to me was the dating scene. During my high school years I had a very different understanding of dating. My definition for dating used to be a very narrow one. However, after experiencing my first semester at college my definition of that word has changed greatly. Therefore, the way that I understand the

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2012 words - 9 pages Burger, LIT 319 20 April 2017 Gender, Sexuality, and Shakespeare In the Elizabethan era, the time period in which Shakespeare wrote his plays, the cultural outlook on gender was very black and white. Actions and attitudes were either seen as masculine or feminine. Women were to be patient, silent, and obedient. Men, on the other hand, were strong, courageous, and bold. Defining these gendered roles also made it easier for an audience to

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1404 words - 6 pages Gender and Sexuality in Look Back in Anger and Top Girls INTRO John Osbourne was born on December 12, 1929 in West London to Thomas Godfrey Osborne, a commercial artist and advertising copywriter, and Nellie Beatrice Grove, a barmaid. He was their only son. He had a relatively normal childhood until his father died of tuberculosis in 1942, when Osbourne was only 12 years old. Though exact reasons were not known, John hated his mother. A fact

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704 words - 3 pages estamos aquí. Ixcanul es una película que creo que emplea a la perfección el uso de sonidos y el silencio para retratar los sentimientos de la protagonista María. · I affirm that I have upheld the highest principles of honesty and integrity in my academic work and have not witnessed a violation of the Honor Code.

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2180 words - 9 pages sexuality and gender; it also explores the history and current status of gender in America. The very basics described at the beginning of the documentary such as blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Boys play with trucks and football, and girls play house and with dolls. Even the “proper” way men and women are supposed to sit is described. The Gender Revolution explains the difference between gender and sex, that your genitalia does not dictate

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632 words - 3 pages Free ’ based on heteronormativity and relation to men. Because of this, her argument is to eliminate the binary. Lastly, Lugones historically documents that gender did not exist before colonialism and therefore, women only possess gender if they are white, colonizing, civilized humans. In her view, the study of gender also needs to be the study of race, class, sexuality etc. All three of these feminist writers have different ideas of what defines a woman

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1526 words - 7 pages Free well mind. Accessed: Mar. 21, 2018. Craib, I. Psychoanalysis: A Critical Introduction. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2001 Freeman, T. Psychoanalytic concepts of fatherhood: Patriarchal paradoxes and the presence of an absent authority. Studies in gender and Sexuality, 9:2, 113-139 DOI: 10.1080/15240650801935156 Freud, S. Beyond the Pleasure Principle. London: WW Norton, 1989

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1160 words - 5 pages Overcoming Gender Barriers in The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins       Gender barriers are societal norms that are dictate the types of behaviors that people do based on their actual or perceived gender or sexuality. Gender barriers limit people throughout their lives. Gender barriers and stereotypes can cause some women to never try woodworking, construction or auto shop. This can happen because women are perceived as clean and sometimes not

Who Said You Can't Have It Both Ways?: The Double Standards Of Promisquity Analyze An Advertisement Using Feminist Theories About Sex, Race, And Class

986 words - 4 pages , for instance, vividly demonstrates two vectors of analysis in feminist theory: gender and race.Intersectionality not only focuses on the gender aspects of racial discrimination, it also seeks to provide a tool for analyzing the ways in which gender, race, class, sexuality, age, nationality and other forms of social distinction, produce situations in which women (and men) are discriminated against (George). In the subject of gender and race, men

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1647 words - 7 pages impacts on individuals, their families and further within society. References Dessel, AB, Kulick, A, Wernick, LJ, Sullivan, D 2017, ‘The importance of teacher support: Differential impacts by gender and sexuality’, Journal of adolescence, vol. 56, pp. 136-144. Duggan, J 2017, ‘Revising Hegemonic Masculinity: Homosexuality, Masculinity, and Youth-Authored Harry Potter Fanfiction’, Bookbird, vol. 55, no. 2, pp. 38-45. Fredericks, E, Harbin, A

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910 words - 4 pages the power in courtship. Women at the time were only seen as pawns in order to help heighten a man’s political and social stature. In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night we see that the concept of power comes from the social ambition that each character desires to achieve throughout the play. And it is most predominant with the female characters. In Twelfth Night, Shakespeare demonstrates through comical satire and gender role reversal how characters of

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405 words - 2 pages the readers are required to look for the connection between the separate stories by themselves, then gain more interest and excitement for the essay. On the other hand, skillfully twitching his sexuality story to the second part is a smart step that he has enough spaces to describe the background before honestly telling his childhood trouble: a boy wants to live in the opposite side of his natural gender. Going with the flow, the appearance many

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1305 words - 6 pages wrongdoing. They cannot escape from the imprisonment of their feminine destinies. Work Cited Baldwin, James (1984). Another Country. New York: Dell. Gignac, Patrick Joseph. “Oppressive Relationships / Related Oppressions: Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality and the Role of Identity in James Baldwin’s Another Country and Hubert Fichte’s Versuch Uber Die Pubertat,” An English Dissertation. Queen University: Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 1996.

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1335 words - 6 pages the world today being more accepting to LGBT community and continue to be, the percent of homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender will continue to rise and make these individuals more comfortable with who they are. There are three main sexualities: heterosexuality, which is the sexual attraction to individuals of the opposite gender, homosexuality, which is the sexual attraction to the same gender, and bisexuality which the sexual attraction to

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1520 words - 7 pages women. Faulkner (2016) expresses how gender violence has an unwelcoming influence on the term hate crime and it is not often recognize to that level for its tortuous act. Although violence is traditionally seen as intimate and personal. It is constantly reproducing through mainstream institution that reinforce sexism. Faulkner (2016) stresses that the interconnection between race, sexuality and gender needs to be explored to uncover the specificity