How The Last Of The Mohicans Depicts American Romanticism English 3 Essay

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Last of the Mohicans
The film the Last of the Mohicans portrays American Romanticism in many ways. From the freedom the colonials display by leaving Fort William Henry, to Hawkeye being a strong hero that saves Cora many times. The film is a good example of romantic literature because all of the events that happen revolve around Hawkeye and his love for Cora.
The idea of freedom is very apparent in the movie. The first act of freedom was displayed by some of the Colonials that were fighting alongside the British at Fort William Henry. They were promised leave to protect their homes and families if they are under attack, and when word came from Hawkeye that they are attacking the frontier, burning houses and killing women and children. Colonel Monroe denied them the leave, because Duncan lies about the attack, saying it looked like a normal robbery, even though nothing was taken out of the house and it was clearly an attack to scare the people of the frontier. Once they heard the news that they weren’t allowed to go defend their homes, some of them decided to sneak out of the fort. This shows freedom because they left the grip of the British that they had on the Colonial soldiers, to defend their homes and families.
Another example of romantic literature is the escapism in the movie. The biggest example of escapism is Cora, once the British convoy was attacked by the Huron Indians led by Magua, she escapes with Hawkeye, and leaves behind her normal British life and is now trying to survive with Hawkeye. This shows escapism because she leaves her life, the only one she’s ever known, to be with Hawkeye, ...


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