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The Last Mission Essay

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PrologueIn 2086 a bomb was set off in the U.S. defense quarter destroying 84% of all defenses in the said Nation. Civillians were notified by channel 6 that it was a Russian attack. At this point the U.S. was in a state of emergency. Two weeks later several bombs were set off in civilian occupied towns all over Russia leaving 100% of Russian defenses in tact. The main civilian population in Russia thought this was fault of the Americans knowing most American civilians thought that the American bombing was fault of the Russians. In fact all of the bombings were fault of the Kamisians, the people occupying a secret nation of the coast of Fiji. Kamis's plot was to launch several small missiles ...view middle of the document...

As Mikey flew through the air his hand grasped the grenade and tossed it back from where it came. As Mikey was landing, everything changed. The table was back upright and the Coke was on top of that. The window wasn't shattered. One object stayed eerily the same; the grenade was flying through the air toward the closed unbroken window. The grenade was only five feet from the window encounting when the bedroom door swung open, his mom's head popped in the room with just enough time to see the grenade repel of the bulletproof army styled glass (Mikey forgot about this factor during his dream) and bounce on the floor. His mom's mouth slowly opened,"Michael J. Grimm, stop playing with your plastic toys and get your tukkus down in that kitchen by 0'600 hundred or it's your tank driver's license!"Chapter 2Breakfast was brief, and Mikey explained about his dream. His mom responded,"You have to spend more time studying and less time napping."His mom dropped him off in front of school and then took off to the central intelligence agency. A voice shot from the right,"Freak!" Mikey's stomach churned and started rising into his throat, "You got some 'splainin to do-" Mikey huddled to the ground in a ball. He knew who it was, the Italian exchange student, Pippy Pimpson. The story goes that on Pippy's first day of school some kid made fun of his name, Pippy grabbed his shirt collar, pulled him into the bushes, and he was never seen again. Now, Pippy approached, took a single swing at Mikey. He was flat on the ground,"And don't do it again." Yur's voice faded as he entered the schoolyard.Jonathan approached Mikey slowly,"You o.k. Man?""Uhhhh-"*****In the middle of math class (known to Mikey as the midday nap) the intercom came on,"Michael Grimm report to the principal's office immediately, Michael Grimm." All of his classmates in perfect unison chanted,"Oooooooooooh"*****The walk to the principal's office felt as long as it was tedious (which meant it felt like a really long time). Thoughts kept running through his head like," You've napped your last math class." Or"Skip to Canada and they'll never find you"Mikey's heart sank, the sign hung against the wall in front of him, the sign that stated the two most frightening words a slacker like Mikey knew, the two words reading PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE.Chapter 3Principal Schnauzer paced back and forth as Mikey sat in a small wooden chair."Mikey, are you aware that there is a fine line between good and bad?""Yes sir" Mikey said thinking this is the worst straightforward speaker on the east coast." What is the square root of 124?""12" the questions started pouring in."What was the average percentage of accurate shots in target-practice last year?""93%" now he was just shooting questions.`"Name the members of your family"" My dad, my mom, me, and my older brother Johny.""Wrong, wrong, you are WRONG! Your brother died 11 hours ago, he was found three hours ago. The autopsy was done two and a half hours ago. I was notified 15...

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