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Improving Air Quality Government Of Canada

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CLEAN AIR BACKGROUNDERWork had been under way for a decade or more to improve air quality in Canada. However, as scientific evidence demonstrates that more and quicker action is necessary, the ten-year Clean Air Agenda was developed and launched in May 2000. It focuses on five key areas:* reducing major industrial emission;* reducing transboundary emission;* reducing transportation sector emission;* advancing the science; and,* engaging the public.Additional areas of air-related work not included in the Agenda, such as Acid Rain, are included in this backgrounder. Good progress is occurring. Milestones have been achieved in every area of the Agenda.In June 2000, the Canada-wide Standards ...view middle of the document...

S.; and,* $22.9 million to expand the National Pollutants Release Inventory, Canada's only legislated, nation-wide publicly accessible inventory of pollutants released to the environment. This funding will expand the number of substances which emitters must report on, and therefore increase the number of facilities reporting to 7000 by 2005 from 2100 today.* On February 19, 2003, the Government of Canada announced the "greenest" federal budget in Canadian history. With respect to air quality, the Budget clearly demonstrates the Government's strong commitment to achieve cleaner air for all Canadians: it provides $40 million, over two years, to promote best practices and develop regulations to address air pollution in a number of sectors in Canada, and to work with the U.S. to further improve transborder air quality.Reducing Transboundary PollutionIn December 2000, Canada signed an Ozone Annex Agreement with the United States, which committed each nation to reduce its emission of ozone-forming substances (NOX, VOCs). The U.S. commitments will result in an estimated ozone season reduction in the U.S. transboundary ozone region from the 1990 levels of 35 percent by 2007 and 43 percent by 2010 for NOx, and in an estimated reduction of 39 percent by 2007 and of 36 percent by 2010 for VOCs. This will reduce significantly the flow of pollutants from the U.S. into Canada.On January 6, 2003, Canada and the U.S. announced a joint commitment to build on the transborder air quality improvements of the last decade by starting work to develop new cooperative projects for the years ahead. This initiative is early action on the 2002 Speech from the Throne commitment to work with the U.S. to further improve air quality and work for a healthy environment.On June 2003, three major pilot projects were launched under the Canada-U.S. Border Air Quality Strategy:* in southwestern British Columbia and northwestern Washington State, the Georgia Basin/Puget Sound International Airshed Strategy will identify measures to reduce air emissions and address transboundary pollution;* for southeastern Michigan and southwestern Ontario, the Great Lakes Basin Airshed Management Framework will explore the development of a co ordinated airshed management approach; and,* a joint study will explore the feasibility of emissions trading for NOx and SO2. NOx and SO2 emissions are key contributors in smog, fine particle and acid rain problems, in the Transboundary region.These projects will serve as a foundation for developing new strategies to improve air quality and address transboundary air pollution of concern to Canadians and Americans and will be completed in cooperation with provincial, state and other stakeholders.In June 2003, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation - North American Air Working Group was established. This group aims to facilitate cooperation on air issues among representatives from Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.In June 2004 a meeting in Quebec City between...

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