It Is A Fairly Tale Parody Of Shrek And Mixing Three Little Pigs With It English Assignment

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English 10A
Fairy Tale
Once upon a time in a land far away there in a swamp with an ogre, but he wasn’t the only ogre that lived in the swamps. There were all kinds of ogres from next door neighbors to far enough as the blind eye can see. A whole swamp and land full of ogres. But there was one special ogre that was different from the rest. This certain ogre was named Shrekton and he was a bit different by the way he would think.
He wasn’t completely like the other ogres where all they wanted to do was scare people away and keep everything too themselves. Shrekton was a mean and rude ogre. However deep down, not like the others he was a sweet heart. And cared about others, but he never showed it. After years of becoming a very quiet swamp village. There was suddenly a loud noise. The ogres weren’t sure what the loud noise was but they knew it wasn’t from the swamps it was always quiet. The ogres began to get scared and franticly rushed back into their somewhat of a home. But, Shrekton was a very curious ogre and he finally has become a man ogre to go out on his own. Shrekton decides to set out during the morning so he will be well alert of everything.
Next morning, Shrekton sets out to search for whatever made that noise. Shrekton knew that they weren’t the only ones that live here. There humans. And other magical beings. As Shrekton began his journey to find this noise that disturbed his village he was thinking of it could be nothing at all, or maybe it was a dangerous magical creature. For some reason Shrekton had a feeling that it was a human and that the human took something from his village, but he wasn’t completely sure what it was. As Shrekton was thinking of different variables, he suddenly saw in the distant of trail, behind a bunch of fallen down broken trees there was a cave. Shrekton saw that someone was recently here so he decided to go into the cave, as he was walking through the cave he began too see that this was a cave from a human. He kept walking through the cave, and it suddenly became not only a cane but a entrance and shortcut to the other side of a mountain. He began to pick up his speed and began to see more and more lig...


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