Product Proposal: Design Of The Sensor To The Fitbit Watch Sjsu Ee 295 Essay

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Design Proposal for UV Exposure Sensor in the existing Wearable Computing Device Fitbit
The proposal focuses on the introduction of UV exposure sensor to the existing model of Fitbit. The key reason to build this product is that it will allow the user to keep a record of his skin exposure in the sun, which in return will give a clear picture to them about their Vitamin D consumption. Moreover, including this feature to the existing device will also help them figure if the consumer is at the risk of skin cancer. This enables the client to augment vitamin D creation while lessening the danger of the sun overexposure and skin malignant growth. This gadget will be completely fit for coordinating itself according to client needs. In addition to this, a website and mobile application will be made available for iOS, Android and Windows users. The information collected from the Fitbit can be synched to the gadgets, for example, cell phones by means of Bluetooth, and can be made available to the Windows or MacOS. Clients can closely watch their exercises and weight over a period of time and can set daily and weekly goals for themselves for steps, calories consumed and expended, and distance walked along with the constant monitoring of their Vitamin D consumption. The device will be accurate to a great extent with error ratings of 10.1% to 10.4%. The addition of UV exposure sensor to the existing Fitbit design will bring revolution in the wearable computing device industry as for the longest time counterparts have only focused their design on the certain metrics and completely neglecting the UV exposure issue which ultimately leads to skin cancer. Skin cancer has turned into the most widely recognized type of disease in most part of the world especially the counties near the equator where the ozone levels are high. Subsequently, people are becoming more worried about gauging their exposure to the ultraviolet radiations. The design of the Fitbit that currently exists has its concentration around the calories consumed, floors climbed and mainly functions as an activity tracker. It includes a clock, auto sleep identification, a quiet vibrating alarm, and caller ID. The proposed design of the Fitbit concentrates on the health impact encountered by the individuals due to change in lifestyle. The new proposed design for the Fitbit will help to combat this issue amongst its users.
Keywords: Skin cancer, Fitbit, sensors, ultraviolet, design, skin disease, radiations, Vitamin D, wearable device, UV sensor.
Executive Summary:
The products available in the wearable device market, such as the Apple watch and the Fossil watches are similar to the Fitbit on few metrics, which include, both have interchangeable straps and are water resistant which will be beneficial for counting the lapses in the water. However, the Apple watch and fossil watches are sold at prices of $500 and $350 respectively which may burn hole in the pocket of an average American,...


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