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The Montessori Method Magic
The Montessori way of learning is a practice used in certain schools around the world. This method entails a child centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and educator who believed all children were capable of learning given the necessary tools. Montessori students learn to think critically, work collaboratively and act boldly, a skill set for the 21st century. Many people practice the Montessori Method because this sort of education offers opportunities a child can only get receive a Montessori school. Without such an education, a child could fall behind and have a disadvantage in future education.
The Montessori Method was created for children to learn naturally through a prepared environment which make the children feel relaxed and comfortable, giving them a understanding and appreciation to learn. According to Minerva Mungian Salazar, “Montessori advocates experiences that are “real-world,” and allow children to build intrinsic motivational opportunities; therefore, creating independent thinkers which will be competitive problem-solvers in the global economy of the 21st century” (Salazar 8). In a regular classroom environment, students are given a set amount of time to complete the assigned work, which, depending on the individual can be insufficient or stressful. While some believe children do not deal well with the lack of a traditional structure, children in montessori preschools adapt better to new environments once they enter a regular classroom. Being free to work in any area a child is interested in keeps them engaged and promotes independent work. Uniqueness of the Montessori classroom are subjects are not taught in isolation, but rather are interconnected and taught simultaneously. This allows for students to progress at their own individual rates, a primary purpose of Montessori education. Students work independently on multiple subjects, allowing them time to advance at a rate in which best suits their personal growth.
In their preparation for life, children need education that supports their natural environment to fulfill their curiosity and to actively promote hands on learning. The Montessori Method is the idea that children learn best when material is appropriate not just for their age, but for their stage of development as well. Children who have an interest in what their learning will work on their own to explore a given subject. Independence and initiative are encouraged, allowing children to learn at their own pace, build upon success and develop confidence. “Montessori is a profoundly optimistic social and educational movement. It aims far beyond standardized performance goals to foster children with passionate interests, initiative and a desire to contribute to their community” (Dubble 2). Montessori teachers guide rather than instruct, linking ea...


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