English For Man Vs God In Rappaccini English 2327 Essay

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Theodore Melchor
English 2327
Mrs. Dykstra
June 24, 2018
As we try to compare both compare both perspectives from the writers point of view we find some similarities. The both depict a different view of America or ‘Americanism’ in both writing but we see a shared idea as to what it the ideal image of America. Either it’s coming as our destiny or what we make t to be both writings tell us to give it our all. To remain and stay positive and promote that positivity towards making us the best version of us. It all boils down to how both writings tell us to rely on just the positivity to make our lives and ourselves
In Emerson’s “self reliance” he speaks about how we need to trust ourselves. He believes in order to become the best us to believe our mind in what we’re doing. Emerson believe hat we are the biggest contributors to how our lives turn out to be. By becoming one with ourselves we become unified as one. He believes if everyone thought the same as one then American would be a better place to life in. He thinks that individualism comes from what we believe in each other,...

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