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My Zero Essay

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        I shut the car door, the key turned, the car started--my mom was ready to take me
to my drivers test. I knew that it wouldn't be hard, I had no trouble with driving before,
so why would I now?

        She put the car into reverse, "Now remember to put your seat belt on before you
start the car," then she backed out of the driveway.

        I was already in the process of pulling the strap over my sholder and clicking it in.
I would have bet my whole life savings that she would have said that sometime during our
trip to the DMV.

        My mom looked at me while she was driving down the road, heading towards the
highway, "You know you are going to ...view middle of the document...

My mom pulled in the parking lot and found a parking in the front where the people taking
their driving tests are supposed to park. Besides a few of these parking spaces, it was full.
We unbukled and got out.

        "Do you think I'll go right away?"

        "I don't know, by the looks of it, they seem busy. You might have to wait
Michael," my mom replied.

        We walked in to find a crowded room full of people. I figured that they weren't
all here for their drivers test, but I wasn't sure at the time.

        "Lets get in line before others come and skip us," I said. There was a long line.
The people went up, down, back and forth--all were strung within a maze of ropes. We
stood in the line for a good ten minutes before I noticed the sign.

        "Mom, look at that sign, aren't we supposed to be over there?" There was a large
sign above a seperate desk that said, "Divers Test."

        My mom looked at me with an unplesent face. Then she sighed and said, "Yeah I
suppose so." So then we walked over to the other line, with only one person in front of
us, and waited.

        Two minutes later it was our turn, and we walked up to the desk together, and I
told her my name, and gave her some personal information. My mom gave her a check,
and she then turned to her computer and started to type it in. The lady at the desk then
told us we could take a seat over by the window, so we walked over there to wait.

        Seconds later, the lady at the desk gets up and looks at my mom from behind her
desk, "Do you have Michael's Social Security Card?"

        My mom stood up and walked over to the lady with her perse in hand. When my
mom came back I said, "Yeah I thought you said we had everything?"

        She smiled sarcasticlly and said, "Yeah I gave her a copy of your Social Security, I
didn't give her the card. You're lucky too, I was going to take your Social Security card
out of my purse so I wouldn't lose it."

        I smiled. "Yeah mom, I guess I am lucky, I probably wouldn't have been able to
reschedule my test until next year."

        My mom sat back down next to me on the bench. I noticed another girl and her
mother sitting a few feet away from us. She was probably her for her drivers test too. I
looked at her face, she was nervious, you could tell by her eyes. I could almost see
through her. At that moment I was happy that I wasn't her, but soon I would be. Soon
she would be back from her bitter sweet ride with the driving instructor, and then I would
be next.

        I looked out the window when I heard this car pull up, I saw a young woman in
the drivers seat, and a older man sitting in the passenger seat. The small car paked in the
spot right next to our Geo. The two got out, the older man holding a clip board lead the
young girl in through the doors. They walked over to a waist-high desk, and a lady from
across the...

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