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How To Read Newsgroups Essay

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This essay i am writing is about a boy in the hardship of world war 2. the boy is on a boat off the coast of china. The news has just reported there is going to be a hurricane right around the area he is in. they are trying despritly to get on land, but the hurricane is moving at a pace like no other ...view middle of the document...

The little boy swims to land with all his might. He then runs for safty. a few hours later the hurricane stops. The boy sets out across country to find his parents which live in india . The first stop he makes is in hong kong. He is taken in by a nice family that feed and clothed him and gave him a place to sleep. He stays there for a couple days to regain his strength. then sets out across country for the secong time. He now stops in the city of karur close to where hisfamily lives. Another nice family takes him in feeds clothes and gives him a shelter. In a couple of days he is back out looking for his family it took him two days to walk from karur to karnal where his family is. he rejoices with his family and then lives happily ever after.

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