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One Summer In Flyoverland Essay

276 words - 2 pages

Book Review"It was a murder. The time and place was relaxing. The event was unimaginable. And my best friend and I were smack dab in the middle of all of it. It was our destiny. It would shape our lives." Said Max Scanlan in the story One Summer in Flyoverland that is a murder mystery placed in ...view middle of the document...

Max Scanlan and Charlie Scerbaik are two best friends and the two main characters that had planned a summer full of baseball. Until a suspicious death happens and they began to investigate. The story is written clue by clue for more suspense and to keep you guessing who did it. The story was well written by the author Mark Reps he has his good points and bad. The story is well decrypted. But also lacks some facts that should be their. I think the book is a succeeding book because it has a good story about the true facts and has a good story with it. The book was affecting because it gave you the history of an important event that happend in are region. To me the book is a good story so far and I encourage someone else to read if you are in to suspense full mysteries.

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