This Past Year I Spent The Summer With The Mob

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This past year I spent the summer with the mob in New York City. It was very educational and I learned plenty from it. Three things I was educated on was stealing, organized crime and mob hits.Stealing now a days isn't as easy as it used to be. You must be aware of security guards and cameras. Each place that is going to be robbed must be viewed from a safe distance in order to find out when the person or owner leaves, and what k ...view middle of the document...

As far as the money and jewels that we get, they are exchanged at a pawn shop or just sold on the Black Market.Organized crime is not as simple as it sounds. It is hard to get a group of hardcore gangsters to be organized. Once they have joined our team we carry out "favors" to high class people for money or "brain candy." One of our side jobs is selling ice to kids on the streets. We usually bring in about 50 grand a week, but that money is split up between all of us so we bring in 2 grand a week each one of us. That money can be reinvested or pocketed. I may sound weird but we are all investors in the stock market.The last thing I learned about this summer was mob "hits." High class people would pay us a lot of money to take care of their problems which is usually like an ex-wife or a business partner. This is where we receive most of our money and how we got the bad reputation for crime. Once the hit is done the people drop off the money at a secret location or we just kill them also.This past summer was not only educational but it was fun. I can't say that I helped in the doing of these things but I learned about them. Now I know where to turn when I need things done right.


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335 words - 2 pages , sometimes it is impossible to work in summer at all for its hot in our city. If I do not have a summer vacation I would be sitting in stuffy office. Why must I spend this precious time on my work? Next, in summer I can spend more time with my little kids because they have a vacation too and it is not optional. Moreover, I can not find enough time for my family during the rest of the year. So the summer is perfect for me to acquit. For example, we have

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665 words - 3 pages Free to help the people in our world in need. Conclusion The best way to help this problem is to spread the word about it. Aware governors and factory owners what its like to deal with such an issue. This can only stop if we tell people and explain what it does. If we all stand together and try to deal with this situation there are many families in need which we can make their lives happier. Even fundraising or donating some money to organizations could help the families a bit. I say we stop Child Labor.