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Problems Of Intercultural Marriages Essay

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Problems of intercultural marriages America is a country composed of many races and ethnic groups each with their own customs and ideas. The ethnic variety helps build a strong and diverse society.Interracial marriages and families play a strong role in achieving a society free of racism and prejudice. However, it is not a perfect world, interracial couples have to deal with people who will not accept them. Couples in interracial marriages have to worry about families disowning them , they also have to worry about their kids being confused about their culture because they are mixed, and lastly the couple has to deal with the society that can't accept interracial marriage.When interracial ...view middle of the document...

How will children of intercultural couples identify?" is a common question that pessimists of intercultural marriages ask. The only concrete evidence we found that children are victims of intercultural marriages is because of the ostricization and prejudice from others that they experience. Therefore, education is key when it comes to the understanding of intercultural marriages and their families. In "Times" magazine they interviewed a couple who was raising a kid from an interracial marriage.When researching methods of raising children in an intercultural situation, they asked someone who is American and is married to a woman of Mexican descent. He responded, "My wife and I plan to teach our children Spanish and it is important that they learn about Mexican culture. The English aspect of my culture will take care of itself." This quote describes the reactions of many parents in this situation. Many intercultural couples are concerned that the areas they live in will lend themselves to certain cultures, and their children will end up losing a part of their own heritage.Some ways that couples get around this obstacle is by taking their children to visit their relatives and finding other ways to expose them to their culture. Teaching the kids who are interracial about both their culture is a very excellent idea. That way the...

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