Reviewing The Research Structure Gned221 Introduction To Research Design Assignment

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GNED 221 – Introduction to Research Design
Assignment 3: Reviewing the Research Structure
of an academic, peer-reviewed[footnoteRef:1] article in The Canadian Geographer [1: ]
Full Citation of the chosen article: Northcott, H. C., & Petruik, C. R. (2013). Trends in the residential mobility of seniors in Canada, 1961-2006. Canadian Geographer, 57(1), 43-55. doi:10.1111/j.1541-0064.2012.00449.x
Questions (5 pts. each)
Answers (in your own words)
Pg./Col[endnoteRef:1] [1: Indicate the page and, where applicable, column in the article where you found the answer to the question or the ideas that support your opinion (e.g. p. 3/c. 2)]
1. Why[endnoteRef:2] did the authors conduct this study? [2: The motivation of the study – not the research question itself, but the reason why the researchers want to find the answer to the research question. ]
The authors conducted a study that examined trends in the residential mobility of seniors in Canada in order to identify whether seniors are becoming more liked to change their residential location within Canada or not. This study is important for researchers because these trends in the residential mobility of seniors have consequences for the concentration of seniors in some selected locations such as Ontario, British Columbia, and Calgary, and for the relative absence of seniors in other location. The geographic distribution of senior in Canada are influenced by the seniors’ location preferences. This geographic distribution of senior in Canada is important because these trends influence on demand for social services and health care, availability of volunteer, labour forces, and so on.
P. 45/C. 5
P. 46/C. 1
P. 46/C. 2
P. 46/C. 3
2. What are the research questions?
The objective of this study is to examine trends in the residential mobility of seniors in Canada from 1961 to 2006. So the researchers tried to address the following three questions:
1. Have seniors been increasingly likely to change their residential location within Canada or alternatively become increasingly likely to age-in-place?
2. Has the in-migration of seniors to Canada from other countries become more pronounced over the years?
3. Does the residential mobility of seniors vary by age and sex?
P. 46/C. 3
3. How did the authors conduct this study[endnoteRef:3]? [3: What was done to find the answer to the research questions? For instance, if applicable, briefly describe data collection and analysis.]
The authors conducted this study by using the long-term census questionnaires and collecting data on residential mobility of seniors, who are more than 65 years old, from 1961 to 2006. And then they calculated the percentage of seniors making local moves, longer distance moves within the same province, inter-provincial moves, or moves to another country by using linear regression. Especially for the final study year, 2006, the residential mobility pattern are shown by age and sex, and five-year age groupings in order to compare senior and...

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