Lab About Acid Base. Had To Do Research And Answer Question About The Outcome - CTU Online And SCI103 - Assignment

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SCI103 Unit 2 Lab Report
Name: Kesha Hogan
Date: May 29, 2019
Instructor’s Name: Professor Sheermohamed
Assignment: SCI103 Unit 2 Lab Report
Title: Measuring pH Levels
Section 1:
Solution Number
pH from Lab
Acid, Base or Neutral?
Solution Name (what was in the test tube?)
Solution 1
Pure water
Solution 2
Lemon juice
Solution 3
Solution 4
Section 2:
1. What was the pH level measured at Lake 1? The pH level measured at Lake 1 is 6.00.
2. What was the pH level measured at Lake 2? The pH level measured at Lake 2 is 3.50.
3. What was the pH level measured at Lake 3? The level measured at Lake 3 is 5.00.
4. Which two lakes have the highest levels of acidity in their water? The two lakes that have the highest acidity in their water are
5. List and describe the acids you found. What things do the acids have in common?
In my home the most widely recognized acid items are soda water, orange juice and vinegar. The one thing they all share for all intents and purpose is they are acids yet in addition they are consumable items that my family drink once a day. The vinegar is utilized in a wide range of substances, for example, servings of salads. The orange juice and soda water are substitutes my children and I drink instead of water.
Three examples of acids are that I found in my home are:
a. Soda water
b. Orange juice
c. Vinegar
6. Three examples of bases are that I found in my home are:
a. Body wash
b. Toothpaste
c. Shampoo
Three bases I have found in my home that are normal ordinary things are body wash,
toothpaste and cleanser. They are altogether utilized for individual cleanliness in keeping
yourself clean. The toothpaste has an additional mineral fluoride to help forestall pits.
Generally, the majority of ...

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