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Six Flags Trip Around two years ago i went to Six Flags with my mother and some friends. It was one wild trip up and one wild time there. One the trip up to Six Flags, the one near Akron, We stopped at various places. One place we stopped was a "Super - Wal - Mart" it wasn't really what I would call a "Super - Wal - Mart" since i seen the one in Lexington Virginia. The one in Virginia was huge, I mean it was twice as big as ...view middle of the document...

The park was really nice but i can't remember the name of it. After we left the park we went and got us a hotel. It was a reall ynice hotel it had a hot tub in some of the rooms and an indoor pool. Some other things it had in it was a tennis, basketball, and a volly ball court.We eventually made it to Six Flags even though it took us around two days to get there from all the pit stops. We all had a really good time though on the way up there. Well once we got inot the park we split up into seperate groups. My mother and uncle in one, my friends and me in another. I'm not to sure what my mother did she only told me they rode a few rides and watched some shows. That doesn't sound like much fun to me though. My friends and myself on the other hand had a blast. We rode a lot of rides and went over to the Sea - World part of Six Flags. Some of the rides we rode were really cool, there was one that went over ninety miles per hour and scared me half to death. At teh Sea - World section we seen the whale show which was cool since we got drinched from head to toe from the whales act. We also went over and fed the dolphines. We all got yelled at for bribing the dolphines to come up to use and petting them

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