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Practice Essay

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Observation Of Practice 1. I observed the Synchronized Skating Team on October 31, 2001 at 6:45 am, at goggin ice rink. I really didn't want to go because I thought ice skating was stupid, but it wasn't that bad at all seeing 28 pretty hot girls skating around.2. The Synchronized Skating Team has two coaches who ...view middle of the document...

An open skill is when its performed in an environment that is unpredictable or in motion and that requires individuals to adapt their movements in response to dynamic properties of the environment. Although the skater are in a predictable indoor facility, so they aren't going to be rained on or anything like that. But if a person falls down then the others have to adapt to it, because they have to jump over her or avoid her. And its not totally a closed skill which is a skill performed in an environment that is predictable or stationary and that allows individuals to plan their movements in advance. Although the skaters can plan their movements in advance, but since there are a number of skaters skating at once, it can cause an unpredictable environment. So I would have to say that the environment is semi predictable.

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